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How do I remove a grid set from Grid for iPad?

Unused or unwanted grid sets can be removed from Grid Explorer at any time. To remove an unwanted grid set: 

  1. Browse to Grid Explorer, select the three dots (top right corner) and tap ÍšArrange grid sets. 
The Grid Explorer page with the Grid menu open.
  1. Tap the X in the top right corner of the grid set tile to remove the grid set. You will be asked to confirm the delete action as this is permanent, and it will also remove the grid set from any other synced devices.  
The Super Core 50 logo, with the X in the top right corner
  1. When you are finished deleting grid sets, tap Done in the top right corner to return to Grid Explorer
The Done button, as it appears in Grid Explorer.

Last Revision: 30.11.2021