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Learn how to configure access settings in Grid for iPad and iPad OS.

Access settings in Grid for iPad

Grid supports a range of access methods, however relies upon the Apple settings for configuration.

Touch and Pointer Access for iPad Devices

Everything on an iPad is based around touch, including the use of external pointers (mouse, head mouse etc.). There are several options inside Apple’s Accessibility settings for modifying how pointer and touch users interact with apps on the iPad.  

iPad Accessibility and Visual Impairment

Apple have a comprehensive range of accessibility features and settings aimed towards people with a visual impairment. These can all be found in the Vision section of the iPad Accessibility settings. 

Guided Access for iPad Devices

Guided access is an in-built setting on Apple devices that enables the ability to lock the iPad into a single app (Grid for iPad for example). This can also be used to mask off areas of the screen to make them inaccessible to access methods, or to disable physical buttons on the device.  

Switch Control for iPad Devices

Switch control on iPad devices works in a similar way to switches on Windows devices. However, all settings are controlled via the iPad Settings rather than inside a particular app.