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How do I manage my prediction dictionary and spell checker in Grid for iPad?

The Dictionary settings control how words are stored, predicted and displayed in your chat writing area.

How do I import previously recorded banked messages into Grid for iPad?

Pre-recorded message banking recordings can be directly imported into Grid for iPad. The simplest way to do this is using Dropbox. The files can be uploaded from anywhere, but must be in a .mp3 format.

How can I update Grid for iPad?

Grid is continually being developed to provide new features, content and bug fixes, so we always recommend you keep Grid up to date. Updates can be automatic or triggered manually.

Adding your Speak Unique voice to Grid for iPad

SpeakUnique voice banking allows you to record a personalised synthetic voice for your communication aid. It is possible to install voices banked with SpeakUnique on Grid for iPad.

How do I connect my Grid for iPad user to Dropbox?

Grid for iPad users can be connected to Dropbox. This will create automatic backups of your grid sets in Grid for iPad and allow access to Remote Editing. You can use a new or existing Dropbox account and you do not need to install the Dropbox program or app on your device.

How do I find more information about my Grid for iPad installation?

The About option in Settings will display information about your Grid for iPad installation. This information may be required by our Support team if you have any issues.

How do I backup a user in Grid for iPad?

Manually backing up your user is important to ensure your grid sets and settings are safe if anything happens to your device. It can also be used to transfer your data to a 2nd device if required.

How do I switch off the menu bar in Grid for iPad?

To prevent access to the settings and edit mode in Grid for iPad, you can toggle the menu bar options off. These settings are not found in Grid for iPad, but in the iOS settings app. 

How do I sign out of Grid for iPad?

Signing out of Grid for iPad will reset the app back to how it was when it was first downloaded, allowing another user to sign in.

How do I select a grid set to open by default when the app is launched using Grid for iPad?

By default, Grid for iPad will open up into Grid Explorer, giving you the option to enter any grid set. If you use one grid set, it may be beneficial to have Grid for iPad start up in a set grid set instead. 

Can I use Remote editing with Grid for iPad?

You can remotely edit Grid for iPad from a Windows device with Grid 3 installed. No Grid 3 licence is required to remotely edit grid sets.

How do I control what Grid for iPad has access to on my iPad?

In some cases, Grid for iPad may require access to your location, photos, camera or microphone to perform certain tasks. These permissions are not granted by default, but can be enabled manually via the iPad Settings.

How do I submit a diagnostic log file using Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad has a built-in ability to send a diagnostic log file to our Support team. This log file will help us diagnose and resolve your issues.

How do I add a Message banking recording in Grid for iPad?

Message banking will allow you to record snippets of speech and assign them to words or phrases in Grid for iPad. When the word or phrase is typed, it will use the recording instead of the usual synthesized speech.

How can I change my voice in Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad has access to a wide array of voices in different languages. These can be added and changed at any time.

How do I control when text is spoken whilst typing in Grid for iPad?

The default setting in Grid for iPad is to speak each word as it is typed. This may not always be what is needed. Grid for iPad allows you to change when it speaks. 

How do I change the language of a grid set in Grid for iPad?

The language of a grid set controls which language any prediction or chat history cells will use when suggesting content. It also changes the locale for Online Grids, if you ever upload the grid set. 

How do I turn symbols in the writing area on and off in Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad can display content with or without symbols. This can also be toggled at a later date – a text grid set can become a symbolised grid set and vice versa.

How do I add a symbol library in Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad comes preinstalled with a variety of symbol libraries. These are not all available in a grid set right away, and need to be added in.

How do I control the way my symbols appear in Grid for iPad?

Symbol settings control how symbols display in your chat writing area and grid sets. These can be modified to suit your needs.

How do I choose which symbol library is suggested by default in Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad comes preinstalled with a variety of different symbol libraries to choose from. The default for most Smartbox grid sets is Widgit, however, you may wish to change this depending on the resource you are working with.  

How do I manage my prediction dictionary and spell checker in Grid for iPad?

The Dictionary settings control how words are stored, predicted and displayed in your chat writing area.

What is Auto Replace and how do I use it in Grid for iPad?

You can use Auto Replace to correct small grammatical errors that can be introduced when using suffixes and prefixes to adjust words. 

What is abbreviation expansion and how do I use it in Grid for iPad?

You can use Grid’s abbreviation options as a way to write messages quickly. Grid will automatically change abbreviations such as BRB, to the full sentence, be right back.

What is auto capitalisation and how do I use it in Grid for iPad?

Capitalisation lets you define any words that should be automatically capitalised when typed in lower case. This is very useful for typing common names and places.

What are small words in Grid for iPad?

Small words are common words that are not symbolized in the chat writing area. This makes symbols much more focused on the key words of your messages.

How can I manage chat history on Grid for iPad?

Chat History records your sentences and phrases so that you can say them again quickly. Grid remembers not just what you said, but where you were when you said it, so suggestions are more accurate. 

How can I find my purchase history in Grid for iPad?

The Purchase settings give you details of your subscriptions, add on grids and other App Store purchases.

How do I correct the pronunciation of a word in Grid for iPad?

In some cases, it may be required to change how Grid for iPad pronounces a certain word. This is especially useful for people or place names, that may not be hardcoded into the speech engine.