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Getting started

Grid 3 and Grid for iPad comparison

Details of the differences between Grid 3 and Grid for iPad.

Which voices are available in Grid for iPad?

This is the current list of voices that are available in Grid for iPad. These voices have been organised by provider. Grid supports voices by Acapela, Nuance, Cerevoice, SpeakUnique and Almagu.

What is AAC?

AAC stands for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. People use AAC to help them communicate when they have little or no speech.  AAC comes in many shapes and forms, using symbols or text to select what you’d like to say. AAC solutions range from low tech, using boards and books through to high tech communication aids such as a Grid Pad. 

Grid for iPad versions

If you are searching the App Store for Grid for iPad you will find two versions. The two versions of the app are functionally the same, however they have different purchasing options.

How long is the Grid for iPad trial period?

The Grid for iPad subscription (AAC version) comes with a 30-day free trial. When you open Grid for iPad for the first time, you will be asked to either start the trial or complete a full purchase. By selecting the subscription, an App Store window will pop-up to confirm the trial. 

How do I unsubscribe from Grid for iPad?

Smartbox do not control any aspect of the subscription directly, it is all controlled by Apple themselves. The subscription can be removed from within the App Store settings; uninstalling the app will not end the subscription automatically.

Activating a Grid for iPad licence code

The AAC version of the Grid for iPad app can be licenced using a Smartbox out of app licence key. These are applied to a Smartbox account, rather than using your Apple ID.

Redeeming a Grid for iPad voucher code

Grid for iPad voucher codes can be redeemed in the Apple App Store to download and licence the VPP version of the app. The installation and licence are then tied to your Apple ID.

Which languages does Grid for iPad support?

Grid for iPad is available in a large range of languages. Content is translated by our network of international partners and not every grid set is available in each language.

Getting to know Grid for iPad

When using Grid for iPad (and looking through these articles), you will see terms such as Grid Explorer and Edit Mode. It is important to know what these are, and what they mean for you.

Welcome to Grid Explorer in Grid for iPad

Grid Explorer displays all of your grid sets, selecting one here will open it. Grid Explorer is fully accessible. You can use your access method to select grid sets, or navigate between pages.

Which grid sets are included with Grid for iPad?

Grid for iPad comes with access to a number of Smartbox grid sets, across a variety of different categories. Each grid set is unique, but can be customised to suit your needs.

The Grid Explorer toolbar in Grid for iPad

Grid Explorer is your dashboard to manage and load different grid sets and access settings

How to access other grid sets in Grid for iPad

Many grid sets have alternative versions available. These include versions with different symbol sets, languages and versions made for different access methods.

The grid set menu and toolbar in Grid for iPad

The grid set menu and tool bar is how you navigate Grid for iPad, whether you are jumping between grid sets, or configuring your settings.

Using a symbol communication grid set in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Symbol grid sets use words alongside pictures to help you choose what you want to say.

Using a text communication grid set in Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Text communication grid sets do not use any symbols or pictures, instead relying on features such as prediction and chat history to make communication as efficient as possible.

Finding words in Grid for iPad

When using Grid for iPad, you may want to find a specific word in your grid set, and also show the route to that word. The Find Word tool will let you do that with any grid set. 

Purchasing Grid for iPad in volume

Grid for iPad is eligible for the volume purchasing program (VPP). If you are an eligible business or education institution, you may be able to participate.

Can I install Grid for iPad on multiple devices?

Grid for iPad has two different software versions – VPP and AAC. These are functionally the same, but are licenced in different ways. Depending on if your software is purchased via the app store/redemption key or an out of app licence will affect how the software can be shared between devices.