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Getting Started

What are the differences between Talk Pad 1st Gen and Talk Pad 2nd Gen?

The Talk Pad 2nd Gen has several differences when compared to the 1st Gen model. It has also has some new features and improvements over the old model.

Where is the serial number on the Talk Pad 2nd Gen?

The serial number for the Talk Pad (2nd Gen) can be found in two different locations, one on the hardware itself, and one inside the Smartbox Link app.

What do the LED colours on Talk Pad 2nd Gen indicate?

Details of the LED colours for charging and Bluetooth connection status.

What are the differences of the Talk Pad 2nd Gen versions?

How to identify your Talk Pad version from the code on the label.

How do I insert/remove the iPad from my Talk Pad 2nd Gen case?

When cleaning the device, attaching the strap or removing the handle and stand, it is required to remove the iPad from the AAC case. You will also need to insert your iPad back into the case to use it again, or to change the iPad if it requires replacement.

How do I charge the Talk Pad 2nd Gen and how long does it take to charge?

The Talk Pad 2nd Gen has one charging cable, with two USB-C connectors. One is used to charge the iPad, the other is used to charge the AAC case.

What is the Smartbox Link app?

The Smartbox Link app has various features related to the our Talk Pad (2nd Gen) hardware. The Link app is installed on all Talk Pad (2nd Gen) devices received from Smartbox.

How do I download the Smartbox Link app for Talk Pad 2nd Gen?

The Smartbox Link app is an app used for the Talk Pad 2nd Gen with support tools and ways to access updates for the Smartbox AAC

How do I pair or unpair the Smartbox AAC?

The Smartbox AAC unit connects via Bluetooth with an iPad. Here are instructions to pair or unpair the unit

How do I update the firmware for a Smartbox AAC device?

The Smartbox AAC may receive firmware updates to add additional functionality or resolve issues. In this article, you'll find a video and written instructions on how to perform the update to your Smartbox AAC.