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How do I pair or unpair the Smartbox AAC?

The Smartbox AAC unit connects via Bluetooth with an iPad. Instructions to pair or unpair the unit can be found below.

Pairing the Smartbox AAC

1) The Smartbox AAC must be powered off – press and hold the Connect button for 3 seconds. The LED will turn off and a descending tone will play.

2) Press and hold the Connect button for 10 seconds to power on and start pairing mode. The LED will pulse blue and an echoing tone will play.

3) On the iPad, load the iOS Settings app. Select Settings – Bluetooth and ensure Bluetooth is turned on.

4) The Smartbox AAC will be listed as Smartbox AAC – XXXX. The code here will match number printed on the right side of the speaker, under the stand.

Unpairing the Smartbox AAC

1) Unpairing the Smartbox AAC must be done through the iOS Settings app. Navigate to Settings – Bluetooth.

2) Under My devices, find your Smartbox AAC. Tap the i in a circle to manage the connection.

3) Choose Forget this device and confirm. The Smartbox AAC will play a short tone.

Last Revision: 08.11.2023