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What is the Smartbox Link app?

The Smartbox Link app has various features related to the our Talk Pad 2nd Gen hardware. The Link app should be installed on all Talk Pad 2nd Gen devices to allow access to updates to the Smartbox AAC.

What does the Link app do?

The Link app is split into two sections: Support Tools and Smartbox AAC

Support Tools

The Support Tools section has two options: Get Help and About.

Get Help – instructions on how to pair your speaker and links to the Smartbox Hub and Smartbox Academy and a link to our Contact Support page.

The Get Help page in the Smartbox Link app

About – lists all the technical information about your Talk Pad device including serial numbers, firmware and software versions and other useful information. You can also submit a diagnostic log to Smartbox.

The About page in the Smartbox Link app

Smartbox AAC

The Smartbox AAC section has two options: Update and a connection notification option.

Update – allows you to update the firmware on the Smartbox AAC case.

Connect – displays whether the Smartbox AAC case is currently paired or not. Also allows you to start a direct connection for updates. Note: this will not give you switch control or speaker output.

The connect screen with a device not connected

For more information on how to install the Smartbox Link app, please follow the link to the article here:

Last Revision: 08.11.2023