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What are the differences of the Talk Pad 2nd Gen versions?

The Talk Pad can be purchased in one of three different versions: Standard Edition, Slim Edition, or Case Edition.

You can identify which edition you’re using by checking the label on the left-hand side of rear of the case.

Talk Pad rear view with label area highlighted

Talk Pad rear view with label area highlighted

The code will indicate which model of device you have. All codes will be of the format: AABBC, e.g. TP08E.

AA is the first two letters, indicating the case type:
TP is either the Standard or Case edition.
TS is the Slim edition.

BB are numbers indicating the device size:
08 is for an 8 inch iPad.
10 is for a 10 inch iPad (see notes for C).

C is a letter indicating the edition:
E is any TP08, TS08, TP10 or TS10 device. TP10E and TS10E fit a 10.2″ iPad.

Last Revision: 08.11.2023