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How do I charge the Talk Pad 2nd Gen and how long does it take to charge?

The Talk Pad 2nd Gen has one charging cable, with two USB-C connectors. One is used to charge the iPad, the other is used to charge the AAC case. The connectors are numbered 1 and 2: 1 for the iPad and 2 for the case (these are labelled on the device itself).

1) Insert the black dual connectors into the charging adaptor. It does not matter which port the USB-C connector goes in on the charging adaptor.

2) Insert the blue, labelled dual connectors into the side of the iPad and AAC case. (Connector 1 for the iPad, Connector 2 for the AAC case).

3) Plug the charger into the mains supply.

The charging time for the iPad depends on the model, but should be around the 4-6 hour mark from flat to 100%.

The charging time for the AAC case is approximately 2 hours.

Last Revision: 08.11.2023