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How do I update the firmware for a Smartbox AAC device?

Your Smartbox AAC device may require firmware updates to improve functionality or resolve issues. In this article, you’ll find a video and written instructions on how to update to your Smartbox AAC device to the latest firmware, using the Smartbox Link app.

As of 17th November 2023 the latest firmware update available in the Smartbox Link app is 0.2.2.

How to update the firmware on your Smartbox AAC device

1. Make sure your device has the Smartbox Link app installed. (Guide here)

2. Open the Smartbox Link app from the home screen of your device.

3. Tap Update under the Smartbox AAC section.

The Disconnect and the Update button within the Smartbox AAC section of the Smartbox Link app.

4. The app will detect if a firmware update is available.

The Smartbox Link app displaying a firmware update is available

5. Tap Start to begin the updating the firmware.

Picture of the Smartbox Link app stating that it is currently updating the firmware.

Note: Please do not turn off your device or navigate away from the Smartbox Link app until the update is complete.

Last Revision: 08.11.2023