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How long is the Grid for iPad trial period?

The Grid for iPad subscription (AAC version) comes with a 30-day free trial. When you open Grid for iPad for the first time, you will be asked to either start the trial or complete a full purchase. By selecting the subscription, an App Store window will pop-up to confirm the trial. 

Note: you will need to enter payment information to start the trial, however, you will not be charged if the subscription is cancelled before the 30 day period. 

If you uninstall the app, you can reinstall and continue the trial within the 30 day period. 

Please note, uninstalling the Grid for iPad app does not end your subscription. You will be charged if the subscription is not cancelled within 30 days. 

To cancel your Grid for iPad subscription: 

  1. Remove the Grid for iPad app from your iPad, by pressing and holding the icon on your home screen, and selecting Delete App, or hitting the X in the top left corner. 
The Grid for iPad AAC logo
  1. Open your iPad Settings app (grey cog). 
The iPad Settings app
  1. Under your name (or the iPads name), tap Subscriptions.  

Note: you may be prompted for your Apple ID password. 

An example Apple ID
The Subscriptions menu
  1. Select Grid for iPad from the list, and tap Cancel Subscription. 

For more information on App Store subscriptions visit: Apple App Store Subscription help 

Last Revision: 29.11.2021