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I have some questions about my locked Smartbox device/SGD

Smartbox devices that are funded within the US are supplied as a speech generating device (SGD) with restrictions to Windows to meet the criteria for Medicaid and Medicare support.  When a device has been locked, some Windows functions are restricted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is restricted on a locked device?

Some features in Windows have been restricted including (but not limited to): Music and video players, access to some Windows apps, access to Windows Settings, access to most websites inside web browsers and word processing software like Office 365, Notepad and WordPad.

What websites can I use outside of Grid 3?

You can access websites related to product information and support (see the bottom of this article).

How can I access support on a locked device?

Support is available through our usual Support channels available here:

There is also a Support folder on your Windows desktop with links to update your Smartbox software and start a remote session if requested by our support team.

How do I unlock my device?

If you require access to features that are restricted on a locked device you can contact our U.S. Support team at 844-341-7386.  An unlock fee of $20.00 is required and we will need remote access to the device to uninstall the lock for you. This remote access requires an open internet connection, not behind any firewalls or proxy servers. We accept credit card payments over the phone or purchase orders emailed via the email address.

Where can I find out more information about my device?

You can find out more information about your device on our main website ( or on our Smartbox Hub (

We also have training available via our Smartbox Academy website –

Last Revision: 28.11.2023