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Grid release notes

These are the release notes for Grid 3 and Grid for iPad

Grid update 93

This update is available on 10 June.


Move to 64-bit software architecture
This is an important upgrade that brings a number of benefits, including significantly improved stability for all Windows devices and improved battery performance on lower spec devices.  Read more about this upgrade our blog.

New web browser
Part of the move to 64-bit Grid includes a new web browser. This will resolve the protected content playback issues we have experienced in Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify. It will also provide more frequent security updates.

Please be aware that if you use any of Grid’s browser based content, you will need to re-enter your login details when you update. Learn more in our support article.

Improved battery life for Touch Pad and other Windows tablets
A software improvement significantly increases the battery life of devices with processors in Intel’s mobile range, including Touch Pad (Surface Go 4). Our testing has shown an improvement of up to 50%.


Printing improvements
Printing from Grid 3 is now so much easier! Improvements have been made to ensure that content automatically scales to fit the printable area. You’ll also find new options for margins, titles and page numbers. Read more here.


Grid for iPad is now available in Slovenian.


  • Run Program and Start Program commands have been updated to improve battery life for less powerful devices.
  • Improved the Sleep Screen command so that it can only be used on devices which properly support it.
  • Improved Prediction Cells using a word list so that they now show the entire word list before going back to the start when scrolling through the list.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented calibration when launched from the Positioning Guide.
  • Fixed an issue which reloaded Alea camera calibrations more frequently than needed.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented touch access. Also added highlighting of cell activation when using switch access.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the Computer Control Pointer Settings More/Less zoom buttons from working.
  • Fixed an issue which initially displayed the incorrect timespan for Remote Power Button settings.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the Change Colour option not being available for Smart Button commands such as Rest and Change Voice.
  • Fixed Dwell To Click duration changes in computer control grid sets.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the Settings window being incorrectly sized.
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the Switch to Click eye gaze setting impacting a change to Switch access settings.

Grid update 92

This update is available on 8 April.


New eye gaze positioning guide Command 
This handy new positioning guide pops up in front of your grid set and allows you to quickly calibrate your eye gaze camera.  

eye gaze positioning guide

This Command also works when using Computer Control.  

New switch accessibility features in Grid for iPad 
There are two new access settings for switches in Grid for iPad 

  1. Switch scanning: you can now select row then column or column then row 
  1. Scan options: scan everything or skip over the writing area 


The following Commands now work in Grid Explorer: 

  • Change User 
  • Restart Computer 
  • Speak Track Status 
  • Notify 
  • Run 

Improved layout and text on the Remote Power Button settings screen.


The latest Computer Control grid set for pointer control is now available in: 

  • Afrikaans 
  • Czech 
  • Greek 
  • Slovak  
  • Slovenian 

This grid set has also been integrated into the latest version of Fast Talker in these languages.  


  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the configurable features on the Devices setting screen being shown in an inconsistent display order. 
  • Fixed an issue which occurred while changing the selected voice after testing another during the creation of a new user. 
  • Fixed an issue which prevented Rest from toggling off after returning from editing a grid. 
  • Fixed an issue which could result in Grid 3 freezing at startup due to a faulty second screen. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by the user attempting to test a voice before download had completed. 
  • Fixed a crash caused by clicking outside the command browser between Add Command. 
  • Fixed an issue which incorrectly showed live cells with the Show only when available command. 

Grid update 91

This update is available from 19th February 2024

Improved Settings menu

The Grid Settings menu has had a refresh! Icons have been redrawn to improve consistency and accessibility and the menu categories have been reorganised to make navigation more intuitive.

What’s new?

  • New icons for improved accessibility
  • The side bar is darker for improved contrast
  • Categories have been rearranged for improved navigation
  • The word ‘Menu’ now appears next to the Menu dropdown in Grid Explorer

Watch a preview of the new settings here.

Computer Control updates

  • The new and improved Computer Control grid set is now integrated into Fast Talker.
    (Available in English, German, Danish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Norwegian and French).
  • Introducing a brand-new Computer Control grid set optimised for switches. Translations coming in version 92.

New Keyboard commands

  • New Set As Keyboard and Jump To Keyboard Commands are now available and are integrated into the new Computer Control for Switches grid set.
  • These commands are integrated into the latest version of Super Core, allowing users to select their default keyboard without having to go into edit mode. Available in English, German, Norwegian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch and Catalan. Other translations coming soon.

High contrast Voco Chat

Introducing an alternative version of Voco Chat in PCS High Contrast symbols. These symbols are designed with bright colours and minimal details, making it easier for users with visual impairments.
Available in English language only.


Grid software is now available in Ukrainian, including flagship content Voco Chat, Text Talker and Fast Talker, plus a new Ukrainian voice; Leysa.

Version 91 also includes Super Core in Dutch, and a new Persian voice; Dariush.


  • Added a close (X) button to folders in Grid Explorer to better support people using switch scanning.
  • Users are now informed that data is shared during remote editing and remote editors are now provided with a prompt for deleting data they have shared.
  • The number of switch inputs from a single gamepad has increased from 8 to 16.
  • Renamed device volume-related commands to ensure clarity when setting device volume.

Accessible App fixes

  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp: Add photo function fixed.
  • Spotify: Removed the requirement to choose playback device on start-up (although this function is still available when required).
  • Twitter: new tweet function fixed.

Resolved issues

  • The web image search function now displays results correctly.
  • Alea camera calibration no longer skips calibration points.
  • Ensure grids copied with the Jump Command are saved correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a cancelled and failed Alea calibration degraded eye gaze use.
  • Display all email contacts now displays correctly in Alpha Core.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash if a Nuance voice was not fully installed.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using the Command search function in edit mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using the grid view in the grid set editor.
  • Fixed issue which could prevent successful use of an Irisbond camera calibration with single-eye after restarting.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause loss of eye gaze access with Irisbond cameras when users look away from the screen.
  • Danish translations no longer missing for available phone features.

Following our update last year, we have been testing the 64-bit version of Grid thoroughly and have decided that it’s not quite ready to release yet.
We will keep you updated with our progress and look forward to launching the 64-bit version of Grid very soon!

Header text

Grid update 89

This update will be available from November 6.

New voices

We are delighted to share that Grid now includes 4 new African American voices:

Darius (Male | Adult)
Tamira (Female | Adult)
Tiana (Female | Child)
Malik (Male | Child)

We also have a new Norwegian voice, Ida (Female | Adult).

New Computer Control grid set

Version 89 includes a new Computer Control grid set which features improved functionality to make accessing your PC even easier.

  • Improved switching function and the ability to minimize grids to a single cell, making multitasking simple
  • Less navigation between grids; common functions are always available e.g. left click, keyboard, scroll
  • Choice of horizontal or vertical grids for optimal view
  • Change the size and position of your keyboard – now with emojis!
  • New Web and Office grids offer shortcuts to commonly used functions e.g. web search, save doc
  • Browse documents and web pages at your own speed with the scroll grid

Coming in the new year:

  • Switch optimized version
  • Integrating into Fast Talker
  • Translations
  • Can now scroll through pages in Grid Explorer using switches on Grid for iPad
  • ‘Set brightness’ command can now be used as a switch command
Resolved issues
  • On screen keyboard now works accurately with Medicare devices
  • Irisbond Hiru cameras now reconnect correctly to Grid 3 upon disconnecting and reconnecting the USB
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Grid for iPad to freeze while adding remote editors
  • Scrolling through pages in Grid Explorer using switches in Grid for iPad
  • Amended various issues with the Grid web browser to improve functionality of certain apps and help run web pages smoothly
  • ‘Set glide angle’ command now works correctly alongside the ‘Start radar rotation’ command

Grid update 88

This update will be available from October 2.

  • Clock and timer commands that display dates will now display in the following format: Full date, Short date, Day of week, etc.
  • Switch connections now default to ‘None’ on new installations of Grid – ‘None’ can also be reselected if this setting has been changed
Resolved issues
  • Computer Control now correctly uses the Pointer Dwell time configured in Pointer settings
  • Grid for iPad will no longer crash on start-up when internet activity is blocked by the network
  • Keyboard switch inputs no longer interact with the Writing Area if pressed quickly after opening a new grid

Grid update 87

This update will be available from September 11.

Accessible Apps fix

We are pleased to share that the issues affecting Netflix, Disney+ and Spotify have now been resolved. Please note, after updating to version 87, it may take up to half an hour to download the required information needed to use these apps.

  • Upgraded to CereVoice v6 on Grid 3
  • Updated to the latest version of the Chromium-based component used for browser grids, accessible apps, interactive learning cells and Symojis
  • Symbol search is now compatible with Croatian accented characters
Resolved issues
  • Resolved an issue with Facebook Messenger that previously caused it to crash
  • Grid now correctly lists call history for Grid phone when using a Bluetooth connection
  • Fixed a crash that could occur within Grid’s built-in browser
  • Updated certain issues with automatic symbolisation of text
  • Removed the Demo watermark that would appear on symbols displayed on the Second Screen during a symbol library trial period
  • Amended an issue causing some grid set files to not sync to Dropbox correctly
  • Fixed an issue causing Grid 3 to become unresponsive while using Tobii eye tracking and displaying the busy animation on the second screen
  • Improvements made to prevent Second Screen becoming unresponsive
  • Grid for iPad now leaves space for the Home Bar on buttonless iPads
  • Improved alignment of the Welcome screen logo on Grid for iPad

Grid update 86

This update will be available from August 1st.

  • Major improvements to predictive text in Grid.
  • Improved memory efficiency with SMS and when handling emails
  • Default contact for France has been changed to Cenomy
  • Improved recognition of different device models in Grid 3
  • Additional Catalan verbs have been added to Grid
  • New verbs with automatic conjugations have been added for French and Swedish languages
Resolved issues
  • Fixed an issue preventing Release Notes to display correctly within Grid
  • Ensure all text is now visible on the Telemetry opt-in notice across translations

Grid update 85

The latest Grid update is available from 3 April.

  • The Acapela speech engine has now been upgraded to Version 11
Resolved issues
  • Corrected the description for the Track Status live cell
  • Fixed crash that sometimes occurred when playing other sounds when Almagu voices were playing
  • Camera manufacturer Computer Control software is now enabled outside of Grid 3

Grid update 84

The latest Grid update is available from 13 March.

  • The Lumin-i ‘reduced infrared mode’ command now includes a description in the Grid editor command list
  • Refreshing of certain background data occurs less frequently to improve device performance
  • EyeTech eye gaze monitor now displays larger
  • Improved memory optimisation when using Eyegaze Edge cameras (formerly LC Eyegaze cameras)
  • In Swedish, “dammsuga”, “klä” and “kamma” are now recognised as verbs
Resolved issues
  • ZWave configurations have improved compatibility with Grid and will now not reset upon version update
  • Fixed crash issues that could sometimes occur upon Grid launch
  • Switch press animation now correctly displays when in settings menus
  • Now correctly loads calibration data from Tobii Dynavox cameras in all regions
  • Switch scanning now moves across the correct axis for columns
  • Grid thumbnails now generate correctly for grid sets in Edit mode

Grid update 83

The latest Grid update is available from 6 February.

If you are a Grid for iPad user, we have made a change to how the app is updated. As of January it will now be updated over the course of a week in a phased rollout. If you want to get the latest update straight away, simply update your app manually.

  • The Faroese language and locale has been added to Grid to support users in the Faroe Islands
  • Improved layout for all voice names and descriptions
  • Added SymbolStix sign language for all languages
  • Updated Irisbond Hiru API to to improve video feed and smoothing
  • Upgraded Grid 3 to use .NET7
Resolved issues
  • Fixed crash issues related to Dropbox syncing on Grid for iPad
  • Metacom licences are now transferred correctly for remote editing
  • SpeakUnique voice engine now reads the British Pound sign (£) correctly, both individually and as monetary amount
  • Now correctly handles issues occasionally occurring with second screen on startup and sleep
  • Quality of life improvements related to translations in messages and prompts
  • Fix potential subscription validation issue on Grid for iPad

Grid update 82

The latest Grid update is available from January 2023.

If you are a Grid for iPad user, we are making a change to how the app is updated. It will now be updated over the course of a week in a phased rollout. If you want to get the latest update straight away, simply update your app manually.

Key Features
  • Bliss Symbols now available in Italian with purchase of a license
  • The verb ‘Rime’ is now recognised in Norwegian
  • Corrected conjugations for verbs in French
  • Improved some Grid settings’ translations in German
  • Grid 3 now enables easier switching to Tolt Technologies’ Ability Drive
  • Support for reduced infrared mode in newer Lumin-i cameras.
  • Removed the crash screen from Grid 3 to allow users a faster experience getting back to Grid
  • The Grid 3 settings window is now more responsive
  • Glide mouse can now reach the corners smoothly, without jumping
  • Computer Control is now compatible with Microsoft Store apps (also known as UWP apps)
  • Repeat command UI now updates in edit mode when the assigned commands change
Resolved issues
  • Copying cells now works in all spaces that support it (including from Calculator cells)
  • Highlighting text in the Document Editor cell is now more consistent
  • Symbols now retain selected skin tone when printing
  • Grid no longer freezes when issues arise from GridPhone
  • Auto replace edits now persist correctly for grid sets
  • Resolved a crash that sometimes occurred when Grid did not manage to close correctly
  • Resolved a crash related to Computer Control and auto content cells
  • Computer control is now more compatible with situations within web browser view

We have updated our Privacy Policy to reflect changes in the way we handle anonymous user data in the event of a crash.

Grid update 81

The latest Grid update is available 7 November 2022.

  • New content and fixes for Swedish users:
    – New Outlook Calendar accessible app is available
    – New Fast Talker grid set now available
    – Corrected incorrect translations found within High-contrast PCS symbols
  • Improvements made to Hebrew added for PCS, Symbolstix and WLS
  • Fast Talker description can now be correctly translated
  • Photos taken in Grid for iPad now produce lower file sizes to not impact syncing grid sets
Resolved issues
  • Eye gaze tracking improved when jumping to computer control
  • Resolved a crash that could be experienced while editing write and speak cells under certain circumstances
  • Solved a crash related to having a large number of grid sets and folders on Grid Explorer
  • Removed some unnecessary notifications and instructions
  • Grid Phone no longer tries to connect while bluetooth is turned off

Grid update 80

The latest Grid update is available 3 October 2022.
Please be aware, we’ve updated Grid’s Privacy Policy and EULA. You will be prompted to accept these changes the next time you update Grid.

  • New ‘Change User’ cell command for Grid 3 to swap to another user profile from within a grid set
    – Loads the entire profile, the same way you would when switching users in Grid settings
    – Navigates direct to either Grid Explorer or the configured starting grid set of the opened user
    See how it works.
  • Grid 3 available in Slovenian language, including Voco Chat, Fast Talker, Text Talker and Accessible Apps
  • Super Core French now PCS by default (Widgit still available as alternative version)
  • Lumin-i eye gaze cameras no longer require a license for use
  • While logging the operating system, includes specification of Windows 10 IoT or Windows 10 Pro
Resolved issues
  • Upgraded NAudio to V2.x to improve functionality and reduce crashes related to NAudio
  • On Windows 11, Bluetooth speakers will now remain active rather than entering sleep mode
  • Amended issue causing second screen to show the incorrect symbols under certain circumstances
  • Now correctly rounds decimal places in some settings
    – Wait command of 4.4s, which previously rounded to 4.39999
    – Switch settings for long hold scroll
  • Improvement to learning IR commands when using a Nuvoton IR transmitter
  • Resolved issue which resulted in Alea’s own eye gaze monitor graphic being displayed by default rather than Grid’s
  • Fixed an issue that caused Grid to stop responding when using the Copy command while in web workspace
    – Though there is no longer a crash, the feature itself is not yet fixed
  • Resolved a crash caused when starting Grid using an unsupported language
  • Stopped the looping sounds that caused crashes within Interactive Learning Activities
  • Resolved an issue causing Grid to become inaccessible during launch
  • Fixed a bug causing symbol search to break when using the Croatian language (Grid for iPad specific)

Grid update 79

The latest Grid update is available 5 September 2022.

  • Microsoft has replaced basic authentication with OAuth 2.0. Find out more here.
  • Improved route needed to unlock a Medicare Device
Resolved issues
  • US English versions of bilingual voices, Emilio and Valeria, are no longer missing
  • Fixed an issue that prevented protected grid sets to be saved on iPad
  • Grid 3 is now possible to update on Medicare devices

Grid update 78

The latest Grid update is available 8th August 2022.

  • New AssistUK German grid sets available
  • New PCS symbol categories (position, quantity, landmarks, outdoors, water, AAC)
  • New features available for Lumin-i users. Find out more here.
  • Additional keyboards in Super Core have a new layout. There is also a new option to use a QWERTY keyboard with no sound, or with letter names read out.
  • A number of UI updates have been made to the eye gaze track status feature. Find out more here.
  • Reworked Almagu (Hebrew) speech engine for improved performance
Resolved issues
  • A bug has been resolved in German Fast Talker that was causing the Symoji grid to close right after selecting one
  • Fixed a Message Banking issue which sometimes caused Grid to stop speech or crash

Grid update 77

The next update of Grid will be available on 4 July 2022.

  • New AssistUK category of German grid sets have been added, available with a license
  • Super Core 30 is now available in German.
  • Increased range of possible radar mouse speeds
  • Loading time improvements made to symbol libraries
Resolved issues
  • Grid not responding:
    – when selecting a cell with a large piece of text (while using second screen)
    – to touch input after a restart (mainly seen through Text Talker on TouchPad)
    – when switching between an animation, such as Symoji, and a Grid set
  • Exception caused by closing Grid with no license or primary user

Grid update 76

The next update of Grid will be available on 6 June 2022.

  • Voco Chat is now available in Croatian and Afrikaans.
  • Fast Talker Large Cell is now available in German.
UI improvements
  • It is now possible to delete your Smartbox Account from your Grid for iPad settings.
  • Undo command no longer applied to commands that cannot be undone (for example, Speak).
Resolved issues
  • Emojis now appearing correctly in Facebook messenger.
  • Saving a new event fixed in Outlook Calendar.
  • Memory leak fixes for improved stability.

Grid update 75

The next update of Grid will be available on 4th May 2022.

Please note the SpeakUnique Grid for iPad feature has now been added back into this update.

  • Voco Chat now includes block scanning for switches.
  • Voco Chat is now available in Hebrew, Arabic, French, Greek and Portuguese.
  • Netflix is now available in German.
  • Disney plus is now available in Afrikaans.
  • Microsoft Outlook Calendar is now available in Finnish.
UI improvements
  • Folders have been created for Text Talker and Fast Talker in ‘Add grid set’.
  • Computer Control magnification is now rounded to 1 decimal place.
Resolved issues
  • Grid user names that include a space character are now functioning correctly.
  • UTF-8 characters are now supported in user passwords.
  • Grid Phone messages are now cleared after disconnection.
  • iPhone sent messages now appearing correctly after restarting Grid (note: only displays message sent using Grid).
  • Grid Phone now displays incoming numbers that feature non numeric characters.
  • Old ‘Faster Scan’ command fixed.
  • Memory leak fixes for improved stability.

Grid update 74

The next update of Grid is available 4th April 2022.

  • Netflix joins our range of Grid 3 Accessible Apps, allowing you to watch your favourite shows and movies using any access method. See how it works.
  • Voco Chat is now available in German and Dutch.
  • Metacom symbols now available as an in-app purchase in Grid for iPad (popular in German speaking countries).
    There are three ways you can buy the new symbol library:
    • In the Add grid set window under Additional Requirements
    • In Settings – Purchase
    • Apply a Metacom licence in your Online Grids account
  • Eye gaze calibration profiles are now available for Lumin-i, Alea and EyeTech eye trackers. When a user completes a successful calibration, it will be saved to their Grid User. Swap to a different Grid User to set a different calibration profile. (Please note EyeTech cameras only allow 1 and 2 point calibrations).
  • ‘Share command’ option has been added to the Show only when available command. This lets you add a Share option to a grid set that will only display in Grid for iPad.
Resolved issues
  • Missing year category added in certain symbol sets
  • Non-accessible cells now distinguishable from accessible cells.
  • Click to activate switch option no longer shows when users cannot use it.
  • Auto replace showing ‘do you want to save your changes’ dialog box, even when no changes have been made.
  • Volume range for Rosie voice on Grid for iPad improved.
  • Danish version of Disney Plus now appearing under Accessible apps.
  • French Grid Phone user interface text corrected.
  • Crashes when opening grid sets and web browser have been fixed

Grid update 73

The next update of Grid will be available on 7 March 2022.

  • Voco Chat is now available in Italian, Polish and Welsh.
  • The Change grid set command now has two new functions:
    1. The contents of your chat writing area is retained between grid sets
    2. The back button can now return you to your original grid set
  • Create Post cell now available in Instagram for Grid 3.
  • New PCS symbol categories have been added to Grid
Resolved issues
  • WhatsApp GIF chooser
  • Send SMS requests returned either null or empty
  • GEWA not detected
  • SeeTech and MyGaze cameras failing to connect
  • EyeTech calibration lost on restart
  • Single eye calibration failing on Lumin-i
  • Edit mode crashing in the Grid Set tab, and when using the Find picture tool
  • No sound when using Callum and Isla voices in iOS
  • Issues opening licenced grid sets on new Grid installations
  • Auto content cells in Accessible Apps not working properly
  • Repeat mouse actions on computer control not working

Grid update 72

The next update of Grid will be available on 7 February 2022.

  • Grid for iPad is now available in Croatian.
  • We have updated the software architecture for Grid 3 and Grid for iPad to the .NET 5 framework.  This is needed for maintenance and will allow us to have new exciting updates in the future – end users should not notice any changes.
Resolved issues
  • Voco Chat appearing twice in the Add grid set menu
  • Enable accept on release for switch elimination and joystick
  • Intermittent sound issues with Soundbox activities

Grid update 71

The latest version of Grid 3 and Grid for iPad is available now.

  • The web browser for Grid 3 has been upgraded with latest security features.
  • Translations have been added for the add grid set folders. Includes the new summary text for Fast Talker and Text Talker.
  • Update to Almagu (Hebrew) voices.
Resolved issues
  • Grid may crash after closing the user selection screen.
  • Eye gaze monitor warning text is hard to read.
  • Issues adding grid sets while Grid is running.
  • Surface Go 2 speaker bug caused after waking device.
  • Step by step calibration not working with Lumin-i.
  • Enter Command following Write Command prevents speak as you type.
  • Irisbond auto detection failing.
  • New start-up window interfering with Environment Control remote.
  • Speech engines interfering with Grid start up.

Grid update 70

  • The eye gaze positioning avatar in Grid 3 has been updated. The colour now appears purple when you are in the correct position and red when your position needs adjusting. These neutral colours were chosen to help us improve diversity and make Grid AAC software more inclusive. They have also been tested for colour blind users of Grid software. See how it looks in this video.
  • The Add grid set menu now includes updated grid set descriptions and separate folders for Fast Talker and Text Talker
  • Speak command with move cursor failing when text is selected
  • Issue affecting notifications, for example in Grid phone, Email, eye gaze calibrations and timers
  • Alea track status out of position
  • Grid sets disappearing from Grid Explorer after changing the case of the label
  • Grid for iPad subscriptions appearing invalid when the next month’s subscription becomes active
  • Grid freezing when you click on a cell in Edit mode, select Find Picture and then close the grid set and try to open another grid set (Norwegian only)

Grid update 69

  • Introducing Voco Chat, a new low-cell count symbol vocabulary (available in English, Danish, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish)
  • New and improved Widgit symbols – many symbols will remain the same, whilst other symbols have been revised to make them easier to understand, more consistent, and more representative of the world we live in today
  • Grid 3 is now available in Russian
  • Support for Almagu voice engine in Grid for iPad (12 new Hebrew voices)
  • Improvements to EyeTech tracker integration in Grid 3
  • Improved accessible app stability
  • Create cell command list view is empty
  • Speech recognition unstable in grid sets with a cell label containing ‘/’ or a space
  • Possible crash on startup when downloading a voice in Grid for iPad
  • Changing user settings on a grid set with a web browser
  • Fixes for using Interactive Learning and Symoji in Grid for iPad
  • Possible Grid crash due to second screen and sleep command
  • iOS licence not being transferred to Online Grids
  • Editor symbol quick-picker shows symbol label rather than name
  • Not able to set cell audio highlighting to the same as the label on a live cell
  • Computer Control grid appearing multiple times in the Windows ‘Timeline experience’

Grid update 68

  • Introducing Symoji, an all-new way to express yourself with reactions and emotions.
  • Symoji on Second Screen. The new symojis can be sent to the second screen of the Grid Pad 15, 10s and the Grid Pad 12 Second screen
  • Symbols on the Second screen. If your Grid Pad has a second screen, messages can now be sent
  • New option to enable the collection of anonymous telemetry data to help Smartbox continue the development of Grid.
  • Grid for iPad now ignores system dark mode settings to improve usability
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Grid update 67

  • We have increased the number of skin tones available for your symbol libraries.
  • Grid for iPad issue where the app will crash if too many photos are taken in quick succession resolved.

Grid update 66

  • Bug fixes and improvements

Grid update 65

No current data

Grid update 64


Fixes for the taskbar showing over Grid 3

Facebook Accessible app improvements

Grid update 63

New features

Two new Scottish Cereproc voices

Introducing Instagram Accessible app


Fixes for Facebook grid set

Dropbox touch access bug fixed

Prediction improvements

Slow down when using second screen issue resolved.

Grid update 62

New features

Grid Guide – Every official Smartbox grid set has a complete guide to help you use and implement.


Updates to Super Core in non-English languages

Improvements to Irisbond calibration

Grid update 61

New features
  • Support for Irisbond Hiru eye gaze camera
  • Updates and fixes to Super Core in Danish, French and Norwegian
  • Improvements to Danish, Greek and Croatian grid sets
  • Accessible app sign in improvements
  • Flash is no longer installed alongside Grid

Grid update 60

New features
  • Swedish and Norwegian language for Grid for iPad
  • Fixes for Facebook, WhatsApp and phone
  • Updates to Online Grids, adding My Devices and My Licences to the user page.

Grid update 59

New features

WhatsApp accessible app

An all-new version of WhatsApp for Grid 3 lets you message your friends and family, share gifs, and more. Available as a standalone grid set or as part of Fast Talker.

Find out more about your device

You can now find your Grid 3 licence key, device serial number and device name under Help – About.

HTML5 Ready

Grid has moved from Flash animations to HTML5 based animations, in preparation for Flash to be discontinued in fall 2020.


Fixes to Facebook, email and edit mode.

Grid update 58

What is new
  • Huge Super Core update with new vocabulary and accessible apps
  • Smartphone connection improvements
  • Bug fixes in edit mode
  • Fix for grid sets failing to open

Grid update 57

What is new in this version of Grid?
Super Core new languages

Super Core Learning Grids are now available in Swedish.


Minor tweaks to Spotify and Facebook to improve the user experience.

Users can select all or none when adding grids from another grid set.

Minor tweaks to chat history to improve cell speed.

iOS race condition on Cerevoice speech.

Grid update 56

What is new in this version of Grid?
Facebook update

Facebook has announced they are officially changing over to their new website in September. We have updated Grid and released a new grid set so you can continue to use Facebook when this happens. Read more here

Email update

We have rebuilt how Grid 3 handles secure email to support a wider range of email clients.

For more information visit our Knowledge Base – Changes to Email Security in Grid


Minor tweaks to YouTube playback in Grid

Fixes to Interactive Learning animations

Grid update 55

What is new in this version of Grid?

New user layout

We have updated the grid set layout when adding a new user to Grid.

Grid explorer new grid set layout with update 55 page one
Grid explorer new grid set layout with update 55 page two
  • PCS Symbols now support user selectable skin tones
  • Improvements when using your smartphone with Grid 3
  • Updates to Grid 3’s web browser
  • General fixes and improvements

Header text

Grid update 54

In this update:
  • Performance improvements for EyeTech cameras
  • The Dropbox sign-in page is now displayed in the same language as the settings window
  • Fix for images not being displayed via the web search in grid editor
Content highlights:
  • Improvements to YouTube search

Grid update 53

Grid Sets

We’ve fully refreshed the PODD grid sets and they are now available in Grid for iPad! For more information visit our PODD page

Super Core

Hej, bonjour, hei! Super Core 50 is now available in Danish, French and Norwegian.

  • Danish language support for Grid for iPad and Grid 3
General improvements and fixes
  • Facebook integration fixes
  • Youtube integration fixes
  • Spotify integration fixes

Grid update 52

New WordPower 25 for Grid 3

The new 25 cell grid set makes WordPower more accessible for people who need larger and fewer cells on their screen. It contains the same vocabulary as WordPower 60 and 100, and was developed for Grid 3 by WordPower creator and SLP Nancy Inman.

Find out more about WordPower

New YouTube Kids
Video – Getting Started with YouTube Kids for Grid 3

YouTube Kids makes it easier for children to discover and watch their favourite videos. Now available in Grid 3.

Our new and improved grid set gives you a simple and safe way for young AAC users to watch videos online.

General improvements and fixes
  • Facebook integration fixes
  • Phone integration fixes
  • Improvements to volume control cells

Grid update 51

All new Youtube grid set
Screen capture of the youtube accessible app, added with Grid update 51

YouTube in Grid 3 makes it easier to discover and watch your favourite videos.

Our updated accessible app for Windows users has a clean and simple design. You don’t need to log in – just open the grid set and start browsing.

  • Play and pause videos, control the volume and skip adverts
  • Read the titles and descriptions aloud
  • Quickly search for your favourite videos
  • Get recommendations based on the videos you watch over time
  • Large Cell version for those who need fewer and larger cells
General improvements and fixes
  • Spotify and Facebook integration fixes
  • Performance improvements

Grid update 50

Updates for Irisbond Duo eye gaze

We have added support for the latest Irisbond Duo eye gaze camera API.

Screen accuracy
There is improved accuracy across the entire screen

The camera tracking now allows for greater head motion tolerance.

Stability improvement
There are several improvements to make the software more reliable than ever.

New reporting system
A new reporting system will help Irisbond track and report any issues. You will need to opt in for this feature to work – find out more here.

Note: Upon updating you will need to recalibrate your Irisbond Duo.

Crash recovery

Grid 3 now has a crash recovery feature. After installing the latest update and restarting your device, Grid 3 will attempt to recover from snags and automatically restart in the event of a crash.

General improvements and fixes
  • Phone integration fixes and performance improvements
  • Improvements to text prediction
  • Support for TGIS eye gaze calibration on iSeries-15+ devices
  • Improvements to switch scanning, with hold to advance and swap switches enabled
  • Improved load times when large numbers of messages are present in the Email and SMS viewer

Last Revision: 11.03.2024