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How to use

Introducing Voco Chat

Voco Chat is a symbol vocabulary with a low-cell count, which enables users to communicate for a wide range of reasons. From saying what you want or asking a question, to telling someone about yourself or having a conversation.

Choosing your vocabulary

There are two vocabulary levels available in Voco Chat – one for children and one for teenagers and adults. When you first open Voco Chat you will be given the option to choose which vocabulary level you would like to use and offered more information about the key differences.

The home grid

The Voco Chat home grid is made up of 12 communication cells, alongside a functions column, chat writing area and a jump to My toolkit.


The style of a cell in Voco Chat indicates what it does. There are three main styles: Speak, Jump and Speak & jump.

Message pathways

In Voco Chat, users are supported to communicate using six message pathways. Each pathway, once selected, will begin a message in the chat writing area, and automatically take the user to the next grid in that pathway, where they can continue to build their message.

Supported message building

Many of the cells within Voco Chat speak and jump to a new grid at the same time to support efficient message building.

Quick communication

The column of orange cells next to the Message Pathways gives access to a range of words and phrases to support quick communication.

Everyday cells

The final column of Everyday cells, gives the user access to a wide range of categorised vocabulary for use in everyday contexts.

My toolkit

The My toolkit section of Voco Chat contains a range of resources intended to support users with communication, emotional wellbeing, and self-advocacy, as well as providing apps with the aim of encouraging further interaction and engagement.

Personalising Voco Chat

Voco Chat is designed to be easy to personalise and includes lots of blank template grids which can be quickly and easily added to.

Personalisation checklists

The following grids should be personalised when setting Voco Chat up for a new user.

Alternative access in Grid 3

Voco Chat has been designed to be suitable for a range of access methods.