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The home grid

Image shows the home grid of Voco Chat.

The Voco Chat home grid is made up of 12 communication cells, alongside a functions column, chat writing area and a jump to My toolkit.

Image shows the grid icon for My Toolkit jump cell.

The top row of the home grid contains a jump to My toolkit where you’ll find lots of useful resources for supporting communication and emotional wellbeing, as well as apps to support interaction and engagement.

The large white cell next to this is your Chat writing area. As you build a message it will appear here. Select the chat writing area to speak your full message.

Image shows the Chat writing area in Voco Chat. It display a symbolised message which reads 'I think it is exciting'.

Below the top row are twelve cells to use for communication, grouped into three areas.

Images shows the 12 cells of communication in the Voco Chat home grid. Left image shows the 6 Message Pathways, central image shows the Quick Communication options while the image on the right shows the jumps for Everyday Words

The six cells on the left hand side are your Message Pathways. These are designed to help you start to build your message, based on why you are communicating. For example, to tell someone something is wrong, to ask someone something, or give an opinion about something.

The orange Quick Communication cells in the next column contain additional vocabulary, including useful words like ‘more’, ‘stop’ and ‘finished’, handy phrases for having a conversation, and space to add your own favourite phrases.

The blue Everyday Words cells in the fourth column are where you will find a lot of useful vocabulary such as people’s names, places and categorised vocabulary for a whole range of other topics. You will find jumps to many of these words from within the six message pathways, but can also get directly to the words using these jumps.

Image shows the grey Functions column from the home grid. Cells for Rest, Back, Delete and Clear are shown.

The grey Functions column on the right hand side of the screen is where you’ll find options to jump back to the previous grid, delete words, and clear your chat writing area.

If you use an alternative access method such as eye gaze or head pointing, and dwell to select, you will also see a Rest cell at the top of this column which you can use to pause your access method. This function column is present on every grid in Voco Chat.

Last Revision: 15.02.2022