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Personalising Voco Chat

Voco Chat is designed to be easy to personalise and includes lots of blank template grids which can be quickly and easily added to. Many grids have also been set up with examples of what you might want to add to that grid, alongside blank cells to add more for that user.

Personalising an AAC user’s vocabulary is an important part of supporting someone to use AAC successfully. From adding personal information to the About Me grid for helping with introductions, to adding chat phrases to the My Phrases grids to add individuality to conversations. The more personalisations you add, the more you can help make an AAC user’s vocabulary more meaningful and motivating to use.

Personalisation can also be an important way to allow a user to advocate for themselves and share important information about how other people can help them, such as the My Health and My AAC grids.

Personalising other grids will allow users to talk about what’s most important to them, such as adding the names of people the user knows to the People grids, and adding favourite places to the My places grids.

There is space to add interests such as adding the names of favourite TV shows to the Watch TV grid, alongside language used when watching TV. Favourite foods and drinks can be added to meal grids, and there is even space to add a user’s favourite jokes on the jokes grids.

How to add vocabulary

Blank cells have been added throughout Voco Chat to make it quick and easy to add extra vocabulary wherever you want it.

In Grid 3

Image shows 2 editing grids for Voco Chat within Grid.

Enter Edit mode by clicking the Menu bar → Edit grid. Select the cell you want to add something to and click the Change Label option at the top of the screen. Type the word or words you want on the cell and then choose a symbol from the bar next to the Change Label button. If you can’t see the symbol you want, you can select Find Picture to search for other options.

In Grid for iPad

Image shows 2 editing grids for Voco Chat within Grid for iPad.

Enter Edit mode by tapping the three dots in the top right corner and selecting Edit grids. Tap the cell you want to change and then tap Edit Cell. Tap the box at the top of the cell to add the words that you want on the cell, and then tap the box below to add a symbol. Choose from the symbols offered or use the Find Picture option to search for other symbols.

Image shows edit mode for Voco Chat withing Grid for iPad.

In some areas of Voco Chat you will also find jumps to blank grids for whole new activities or topics. Edit the jump cell in the same way as above (change the label and add a symbol), then follow the jump to the blank grid to add vocabulary.

You may also want to remove words and phrases that are not relevant for that user. For example, in My toolkit → Talking to myself, there are some examples of strategies to help a user calm down. If one or more of these are not right for the individual they can be removed or replaced.

You may also need to remove or hide jumps to topics that are not relevant for a user, such as deleting the jump to Period in the Personal Care section.

Last Revision: 14.02.2022