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Choosing your vocabulary

There are two vocabulary levels available in Voco Chat – one for children and one for teenagers and adults. When you first open Voco Chat you will be given the option to choose which vocabulary level you would like to use and offered more information about the key differences.

Image shows the prompt screen within Voco Chat for selecting your vocabulary level. Choose between Child or Teen and adult.

The Child vocabulary includes child specific topics (e.g. toys, playground, magic) and vocabulary for play (e.g. bubbles, cars).

The Teen and adult vocabulary includes adult specific topics (e.g. relationships, banking, swearing), and vocabulary for leisure and independence activities (e.g. pub, exercise, gardening).

Personalised information such as About me and People grids are shared between the two vocabulary levels so users can easily transition between the vocabulary levels as appropriate without losing this information.

You can change vocabulary level at any time by going to My toolkit → Settings → More, then selecting ‘Change vocabulary’.

Last Revision: 15.02.2022