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Personalisation checklists

Essential information

The following grids should be personalised when setting Voco Chat up for a new user.

  • Can I tell you something → about me Personal information, such as the user’s name, their birthday and things they like. More space on the second grid to add anything else the user might want to share, e.g. hobbies or special interests.
  • Can I tell you something → things I like Things the user likes, e.g. objects, TV programmes, sports and other special interests.
  • Can I tell you something → things I don’t like Things the user does not like, e.g. loud noises, TV programmes, new situations, etc.
  • I want → My things Special items for the user, things that they may ask for regularly.
  • People (My Family, My Friends, My Adults/ My Carers) Names of people the user may want to talk about, including family members, friends, carers, teachers, personal assistants, doctors, therapists, etc.
  • My toolkit→ my health Health information about the user, such as allergies, medication or other aids they may need. Remove examples if not needed.
  • My toolkit → My AAC (multiple grids) Information about how the user communicates over a number of grids.
  • My toolkit → Calming down Specific strategies that are used by the user to calm down, either as a prompt for the user themselves or for those around them. Delete examples if not appropriate.
  • My toolkit → I’m talking to myself Personal self-talk phrases, delete any that are not appropriate or preferred by the user
  • Places → My places Names of places specific to the user, e.g. clubs, name of local park, favourite restaurants
  • More words → Body → More → Privates Change names of intimate areas to words that the user would use, if appropriate e.g. small children often use alternative words here.
  • My phrase Things that the user likes to say often, e.g. repeated phrases or local slang and banter used by their peers. Remove examples if not appropriate.

Interests and motivators

The following sections can be added to help the user get the most out of Voco Chat and be able to talk about the things that they really want to talk about.

  • I want → watch something (multiple grids): e.g. favourite TV shows and channels
  • More words → Music → My music: e.g. favourite songs, artists, etc.
  • More words → TV and Film: e.g. favourite programmes/films
  • I want → do something → More: blank grids for additional activities
  • I want → play something: blank grids for additional games/play activities
  • Can I tell you → a joke → more: space for additional jokes
  • Can I tell you something → my news: information about what the user has done recently or important news to share
  • Can I tell you something → a story: add photos for the user to share with others. See page 34-35 for more information

Additional Changes

There is space to add more vocabulary in many of the Voco Chat grids. This can be done once a user has started using the vocabulary if they find there are words they need that are not already included.

  • Something’s wrong → More: space for other possible problems that may arise
  • Something’s wrong → I need → More: space for other things that may be needed regularly
  • I want → personal care → More: space for specific personal care needs

More Words

  • Animals: second grid for favourite animals in all categories
  • Body: space for additional relevant body parts
  • Drinks → More: space to add favourite drinks
  • Food: space on all to add favourites foods or menu items
  • Health problems → More: space to add specific problems
  • Money: space for additional vocabulary
  • Sensory → More: space for specific sensory objects
  • Technology → Internet → More: space for favourite websites
  • More → More: space for additional topics
  • Chat → More greetings/More talking/More goodbyes: space for alternative greetings and goodbyes
  • Places → Buildings → School → My lessons (Child vocabulary only): space for timetable lessons
  • Places → Day trips → My trip: add vocabulary for a specific trip
  • Places → Inside → More: add more inside places in own home/setting
  • Places → Shops → Shopping list: add to as needed when shopping
  • More words → Time → More → Special Days: cultural/religious events important to user

Last Revision: 14.02.2022