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How to use

Device information and specification

Port and button diagrams, device specification and what is included with the Grid Pad 10s

Power, charging and sleep

How to power on the Grid Pad 10s and how to charge it when the battery is low. Also learn about power states and how to shut down safely.

Battery life

How to get the most of the battery life in various situations and the expected lifespan of the Grid Pad 10s battery.

Positioning your Grid Pad 10s

How to place the Grid Pad 10s on a flat surface, use the stand or use the mounting plate.

Attaching the strap

How to attach the Grid Pad 10s strap

Using the Remote Power Button

How to connect switches, pair and change the batteries of the Remote Power button for the Grid Pad 10s

Using the second screen

How to use the second screen on the Grid Pad 10s including useful Grid commands and settings options.

Finding your model and serial number

Where to find the device serial number on the Grid Pad 10s