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Using the second screen

The second screen on your Grid Pad will display your sentences as you speak from Grid 3.

You can change how it acts with settings found within your grid sets.

You can also turn the screen on or off from within a grid set.

How the screen works

The second screen reflects what is in your grid set’s chat window.

Diagram of the second screen and the front screen of the Grid Pad 10s with the same message on both screens.

Grid commands that effect the second screen

Speak as you type

Two Speak as you type cells, the left is slightly faded to represent it being 'latched'

If you set Grid to Speak as you type, the second screen will display each word as it is entered.
If you toggle Speak as you type to off, the second screen will show three animated dots, to show that you are currently writing. Your message will be displayed when you select Speak.

an illustration of the second screen with three dots at the bottom

You can find additional options for Speak as you type in the Grid Settings. You can find these under Menu – Settings – Speech.
Here you can toggle between Sentences, Words, Characters and if speaking should be enabled whilst using Computer Control.

screenshot of Speak as you type settings screen in Grid

Second screen

Toggling the Second screen cell will turn the screen On or Off.

Two Second screen cells, the left is slightly faded to represent it being 'latched'


The second screen will continue to display your messages, even if the volume of the Grid Pad is muted.
This means you can share a quiet message, without broadcasting loud speech.

screenshot of the mute cell in Grid.

Adding these cells to your grid sets

You can find the Second screen, Speak as you type and Mute cells in the settings or tools of many grid sets.

You can also add these to an existing grid set in Edit mode.

Last Revision: 21.07.2022