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What is the sleep screen command and how do I use it in Grid 3?

The Sleep screen command allows you to turn off the device screen to save battery while the device is not in use. The command is often found in settings or options grids, or can be added to your grid set in Edit mode.

The sleep screen command.

Once activated, the screen will switch off, but the device will remain active. Your enabled access methods will turn the screen back on. 

Ways to wake your device from Sleep screen 

  • Move a pointer 
  • Touch the screen 
  • Press a switch
  • Gaze at the centre of the screen 
  • Say your wake up phrase 

Configuring Sleep screen 

  1. Browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Settings – Computer.
  2. Below the Sleep screen heading, you can configure how the sleep screen functions.
The Computer Settings.

The sliders next to each toggle switch will determine how long the device will need to be inactive for before the screen dims or turns off completely. 

The Gaze at screen slider will allow eye gaze users to determine how long they will need to gaze at the screen to wake it up. This can avoid waking the device up by accident. 

Note: remember to press OK when you are done making changes, otherwise they will not be saved!

Last Revision: 06.01.2022