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How do I select more than one cell when editing in Grid for iPad?

When copying or deleting, you may want to select multiple cells to copy or delete in one go. You can do this by:  

  1. Open your chosen grid, browse to the three dots (top right corner) and select Edit grids. 
The Grid for iPad menu
  1. Tap to highlight one of the cells, and then press Select on the menu bar. 
The Select option on the Edit Mode taskbar
  1. Continue tapping any cells you wish to select, these cells will show a blue tick in the corner if they are selected – you can find both Copy and Delete on the menu bar. When you are finished, tap Done in the top left corner.  
Selecting multiple cells

Once selected, it is also possible to add commands to multiple cells. In the top menu you will see a Create Cell option that lists all the cell types available. 

The Create Cell button

These cells are Auto-Content cells which fill automatically using lists stored either in your user profile or your grid sets. 

Examples of auto content cells

You can create the following auto-content cells:  

Chat and writing 

Chat history 

Word list 





Camera and photos 


Web browser 

Web browser links 

Web favourites 

Speech settings 


Last Revision: 05.01.2022