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How do I create a new word list in Grid 3?

Word lists are a convenient way of quickly adding a large number of words or phrases to a grid, using cells which automatically populate from a list. 

Creating a word list 

  1. Open your chosen grid set, browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Edit grid 
  2. Select/highlight all the cells that you would like to be populated by the word list. 
Selecting multiple cells in Grid 3

3. Press Create Cell from the left side of the screen, browse to the Chat and writing section and select Word list followed by OK.

The word list command in the Grid 3 commands window.

4. From the left-hand side of the screen, select the Edit button on your Word list command to begin adding words.

The Word List command.

You can start to add words by typing into the large text box on the right hand side. Selecting Add or pressing Enter on a keyboard will store your word and prompt you to enter another one. The symbol can also be changed using the picture options below the text box.

Adding a new word to a word list.

You can change the order of the words in the word list by pressing and holding, or clicking and dragging the words up and down the list on the left hand side.

Moving a word in the word list

If your list is greater than the number of cells available, Grid will automatically add a More cell to the bottom right of the grid, adding an additional page for more content. 

You can also edit Word lists directly, without the need to go into Edit mode by browsing to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and selecting Edit word list.

The Grid 3 menu with Edit word list highlighted.

Word list cells are grouped as auto content cells. This means any command added to a word list cell will be copied across to the other word list cells in that grid. 

Create word list from a body of text 

In Grid, you can create a wordlist using text from a web page, email, document or anywhere else. 

Highlight the text and copy it to the clipboard. 

Begin editing the wordlist. Select Tools, then Add words from Text and paste in your copied text. You may need to do some editing to put a word on each line, one line representing one cell. 

Adding words to a word list from a body of text.

Once you are happy with your list, press Add. Each word can be edited as before to change pictures and modify the list order. 

Note: Small words such as ‘is ’and ‘the’ are automatically removed. Any other unwanted words can be manually edited out by highlighting them in the word list editors text area and deleting. 

Last Revision: 06.01.2022