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How do I change the sort order of a word list in Grid 3?

Word lists can be sorted to a different order to make the list easier to navigate. This is especially useful for larger word lists or word lists containing words from multiple different categories.  

Note: Word lists will automatically sort themselves if they get too large, or if they are in a small enough space. 

To change the sort order of a word list:

1. Open the grid with your word list on it, browse to the three lines (top left corner) and select Edit word list.

The Edit Word List option in the Grid 3 menu bar

2. Change the sort order using the drop down menu in the bottom left corner, then press OK.

The sort order drop down menu for word lists.

There are 3 options for sort order in Grid 3:

  • No sort order – displays words as they are entered into the word list 
  • Sort A-Z – sort alphabetically 
  • Sort most common first – most frequently used words appear at the top of the list 

Last Revision: 26.05.2022