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How do I add a command to a cell in Grid for iPad?

Commands control everything a Grid for iPad grid set can do. A command needs to be added to a cell (button) to be activated. You can add a command to a cell by:  

  1. Open your chosen grid, browse to the three dots (top right corner) and select Edit grids. 
The Grid for iPad menu
  1. Select the cell you wish to add the command to and tap Edit Cell
The Edit cell option when selecting a cell in Edit Mode
  1. Choose Add Command in the bar to the right of the screen. You can browse the different commands by category, or search for a particular command using the magnifying glass icon. 

Note: You can add multiple commands onto the same cell using the same method. 

The Add Command button in the Commands window
The list of command categories

Some commands (such as the chat writing area) display information, rather than being used to actively do something in Grid for iPad. When adding a command, each command comes with a symbol next to it which will tell you what the command does. 

The Chat and Writing commands.

Last Revision: 05.01.2022