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Grid Explorer in Grid 3

Grid Explorer is your dashboard to manage and load different grid sets. It is fully accessible, using whatever access method has been selected in the settings for this user. 

We have made a video guide to walk you through the Grid Explorer in Grid 3, if you would prefer written instructions, please scroll down.

You can open into any grid set by simply selecting one of the icons with your chosen access method.  

An example grid set - Super Core 30.

Once inside a grid set, you can return to Grid Explorer by selecting the menu bar (three lines, top left) and selecting Grid Explorer or by using a Grid Explorer command. 

The Grid 3 menu

In Grid Explorer, select the menu bar (three lines, top left) to see the range of options available. 

The Grid 3 menu in Grid Explorer.

Arranging grid sets 

You can rearrange the order in which your grid sets appear by selecting Arrange Grid Sets from the menu. 

Arranging grid sets in Grid Explorer.

Drag your grid sets round the screen to rearrange them, or create folders to put them in. You can also rename your grid sets by selecting the label of the grid set to highlight it and typing into the box. If you have more than one page of grid sets, you can swipe between them or select the arrows at the edge. 

Note: you can delete grid sets by selecting the X in the top right corner. 

When you have completed organising your grid sets select Finish Arranging from the menu bar. 

The Finish arranging option in the menu bar.

Adding more grid sets 

You can quickly add more grid sets to Grid Explorer by selecting Add Grid Set from the menu. 

The add grid set menu in Grid 3.

You can choose from Smartbox grid sets (via the on screen categories), making a blank grid set (New) or browsing Online Grids, for grid sets made by the Smartbox Community. 

The Copy grid set option will allow to take a copy of an existing grid set, this can be useful if you have a template grid set you want to edit, or need to test some changes on a spare grid set, rather than the grid set you use normally. 

You can also use the Grid set file option to import a grid set file from somewhere on your computer.  


Select the menu bar, then Settings. Here you can explore and make changes to the settings for the current user including Access, Speech and Environment control

Tip: These settings will apply to all the grid sets the current user opens. This means that you will only have to optimise the settings once and then they can be used across as many grid sets as you like. 


You can switch users and create new users by selecting Users from the menu in Grid Explorer. 

Remote editing 

Remote editing allows another Grid 3 user to access and edit your grid sets online. 

You can sign in to remotely edit another users grids by selecting Remote Editing from the menu. 


The Help menu inside Grid 3 will provide you with useful information when solving problems or contacting our Support team. It will also allow you to start a remote session, so the Support team can remotely assist you with any issues. 

  • About Grid 3contains useful information for Smartbox Support, including your Grid 3 licence key and version number, as well as your device serial number 
  • Smartbox knowledge base – connects you directly to our knowledge base to help solve any issues or queries.  
  • Remote support – will allow you to start a remote session to enable Smartbox Support to connect in remotely and take a look at any issues you are having.  
  • Release notesa full list of everything that has changed or been added in the different versions of Grid 3. 

Last Revision: 26.01.2022