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How to use

What is the Lumin-i Reduced Infrared Mode?

Details of the Lumin-i Reduced infrared Mode settings. When it may be necessary, and how to make use of it.

Why is my infrared device not working with Lumin-i?

What to do if infrared devices aren't working correctly when using the Lumin-i eye tracker

Getting started

To get started you will need to install the Lumin-i software drivers on your Grid Pad and activate your Lumin-i licence.

Anti reflection mode

Details about the Luminis eye tracker's anti-reflection mode

System requirements

Minimum requirements for the Lumin-i eye tracker

Getting set up to use eye gaze in Grid 3

How to configure your eye gaze camera before it can be connected with Grid 3

Troubleshooting eye tracking difficulties

Tips for how to troubleshoot issues with positioning and accuracy with eye gaze usage in Grid