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Why is my infrared device not working with Lumin-i?

The Lumin-i eye tracker has powerful infrared LEDs to allow for outdoor eye tracking. In certain situations, the infrared from the Lumin-i may cause interference with other infrared devices, such as a TV or oximeter.

To prevent interference, Grid 3 offers a reduced infrared mode for the Lumin-i eye tracker. This reduces the overall infrared output. Due to the reduced infrared output, outdoor tracking performance may be impacted. This mode is available in Grid 3 v82 or later, requires Smart Eye Tracker v10.1 or later, and the latest Lumin-i model (shipped from February 2023 onwards).

For full details of how reduced infrared mode can be used, please visit this page.

If you are experiencing any issues please contact Smartbox Support.

Last Revision: 01.02.2023