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How to use

Introducing Super Core

Super Core is a symbol-based core vocabulary, designed to help AAC users experience success with symbol communication.

Who is Super Core for?

Super Core is suitable for a range of AAC users - from those who are just starting to explore symbol communication, to those who need a comprehensive range of vocabulary and powerful grammar tools.

Super Core 30 and 50

Super Core is available in two grid sizes, to suit the needs of different learners.

Choose your vocabulary

When you add Super Core for the first time, you will be given the choice to select child or teen and adult Super Core. This allows you to choose the most appropriate vocabulary for the user.

Learning grids

For learners who are just beginning their AAC journey, there is a selection of simplified Super Core Learning grids to explore, in two sizes.

Using Super Core

There are four key parts to your Super Core home grid. Learn about them here.

Extended core

The extended core vocabulary in Super Core is organised into five categories, with clear labels.

Dynamic columns

Super Core uses dynamic columns to combine core words with activity-specific vocabulary, that focuses on real-life situations, everyday routines, play and leisure.

Topic grids

The topic grids within Super Core are located inside the dynamic columns.

Magic wand

The magic wand grid is the place you can go in Super Core to fix things! It has been designed to simplify features like grammar and device settings, which can otherwise be a complicated part of learning to use AAC.

Special functions

Special functions such as email and text messaging are built into the grid set, giving users the ability to write text messages and emails using their symbol vocabulary.

Personalising Super Core

There are various ways to modify Super Core to make it more personal.

Printable paper-based resources

Paper-based versions of Super Core are available to download on our website, with Widgit symbols, PCS and SymbolStix. You can print them out to make it even easier for AAC learners to have access to symbol communication at all times.

Vocabulary selection

The vocabulary in Super Core was carefully selected following a comprehensive review of research into core vocabulary, including a range of different ages and sources - from preschool to adult.

Concept vocabulary

As well as providing a comprehensive core vocabulary, Super Core also provides a comprehensive range of concept words with a concept vocabulary.

Colour coding

The different types of words have been colour coded to highlight how they are organised, and make the core vocabulary grids easier to navigate. Super Core uses the Modified Fitzgerald key (Goossens, Crain & Elder, 1992), a colour coding system commonly used in AAC vocabularies.

Semantic layout

Understanding the semantic organisation of Super Core grid sets.