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Learning grids

For learners who are just beginning their AAC journey, there is a selection of simplified Learning grids to explore, in two sizes.

These grids include the same daily and play language as Super Core, alongside a smaller set of core words. You’ll find some of the most useful early words to learn – enabling you to request “more” of something, to “stop”, to say what you “want”.

Image shows 2 learning grids. Left grid shows 'Bubbles' play in Super Core learning grids 12 while the right grid shows 'Washing' activity in Super Core learning grids 20.
‘Bubbles’ play, Super Core learning grids 12 & ‘Washing’ activity, Super Core learning grids 20

Tip: For each of the Learning grids, an additional core word has been added to the centre of the top row, to encourage you to begin learning additional core words.

By introducing vocabulary in this way, you have the opportunity to learn the meaning of these words within activities that are meaningful and motivating. They are designed to be no-fail – so early learners can explore the different activities and learn words by seeing how those around them respond.

The layout is designed to mirror Super Core 30 and 50, with the vocabulary repeated in consistent locations. If you begin with the Learning grids, you will be able to transfer what you have learned to Super Core 30 or 50, without having to re-learn all the vocabulary locations.

The Learning grids are ideal for those who are just starting to explore symbol communication, and may still be developing their access skills.

Image shows an illustration of a person with a speech bubble. Speech bubble reads 'When you respond in a meaningful way, you help to reinforce meaning and give the AAC learner a positive experience.'

Last Revision: 16.02.2022