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How can I change the volume in The Grid 2?

There are several different ways to set the volume in The Grid 2. You can also change the volume of The Grid 2 using commands, or via the Windows Volume Mixer.

Different volume controls 

There are 3 different volume controls: Public Speech, Private Speech, and Media.

The Public Speech volume is used when speaking aloud. You can change the Public Speech volume via the Set volume, Volume up and Volume down commands.

The Set volume, volume down and volume up commands

The Private Speech volume is used for auditory feedback and when reading documents. You can change the Private Speech volume via the Set private speech volume, Private speech volume up and Private speech volume down commands.

The private speech volume commands

The Media volume is used for the Music and DVD workspaces. You can change the Media volume via the Set media volume, Media volume up and Media volume down commands.

The media volume commands

You can use the commands to either set the volume to a level, or to increase and decrease the volume.

Last Revision: 26.10.2021