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How do I add commands to cells in The Grid 2?

Each cell in your grid can have one or more commands. These tell The Grid 2 what actions to take when the cell is selected. For example, the Speak command will speak your sentence.

An example speak command.

The command list is used to manage the commands on a cell. To add a command: 

  1. Open your chosen user, browse to Edit in the menu bar at the top of The Grid 2 and select Editing Mode.
The Edit menu.

2. Select the cell you want to add commands to and press Edit cell from the Cell Options window on the left side of the screen.

The Cell Options.

3. Select add a command.

Editing a cell.

This opens the Select a command window, where you can see all the commands that are available in The Grid 2. There are a lot of commands, but you can search through them by typing in the box at the top of the window. Alternatively, you can view the commands related to a particular activity, such as emailing, by selecting a category from the list. 

The select a command screen.

The following commands are frequently used: 

  • Speak: Speak the text in the workspace 
  • Clear: Clear the workspace. 
  • Delete Word: Delete the last word from the workspace. 
  • Jump Home: Jump to the start grid for this user. 
  • Jump Back: Jump back to the previous grid. 

Last Revision: 25.10.2021