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How do I configure Z-Wave in The Grid 2?

Z–Wave environment control devices are supported through the Aeon Labs Z-Stick 2 controller. 

The Grid 2 provides basic support for Z-Wave devices. If you have a large network or wish to use a secondary controller we suggest you use a different system. 

The Z-Wave module will appear in Device Manager (right click Windows Start menu – Device Manager), under the Ports heading, named Silicon Labs CP210x USB to UART Bridge, with a COM port in brackets. 

Note: depending on your device, it may also appear as a USB Serial Device – these are identical. 

USB serial device in Device Manager.


  1. Inside The Grid 2, select File from the menu bar at the top of the screen and then Preferences – Environment Control – Transmitters. 
The Preferences option in the File menu
The Environment Control tab in Preferences.
  1. Select the Z-Wave tab. 
Z-Wave configuration tab in Transmitters
  1. In the Z-Wave controller drop down list, select Aeon Labs.
  1. Select the COM port number using the 2nd drop down menu to the right. The port number can be found inside Device Manager – see above Configuration.  
Setting the COM port for an Aeon labs transmitter
  1. To add or remove a device from the network, select the Add device or Remove device button and then press the button on the socket. See socket instructions for more information. 

You can then test the device using the On/Off buttons. Grids can use the Z-Wave device on/off commands, or the style commands based on the Environment control workspace. 


  • Information about the network is held in the controller. Once a device is paired with a controller it cannot be paired with another controller. If bench testing controllers or sockets be sure to remove the device from the network before shipping. 
  • The Grid 2 only supports ‘basic switch’ or ‘dimmer switch’ devices. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021