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Setting up your Grid Pad for eye gaze access

It is important to have your Grid Pad set up securely for eye gaze access. Position the device between 40cm and 75cm from your eyes, using either the built-in stand or mounted on a stand that suits you. The best position may vary depending on the camera you are using.

Diagram showing the best position for eye gaze. A line from 40cm to 80cm with a green area between 50cm and 70 cm

Different eye gaze cameras have their own optimal distance. Ideally the camera should be placed so it is between 50cm and 70cm from your eyes.

A diagram showing various head positions in relation to the Grid Pad

Use the Grid 3 eye gaze monitor window to help you find the right distance and angle. This is found in Settings – Access – Eye Gaze. Some cameras have a live view option, which will give you a video feed from the camera.

Last Revision: 22.07.2022