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How to use

What is Windows 10 IoT?

What is the Windows 10 IoT operating system ?

Operating systems running of Grid Pad devices , why we are changing to IoT from Windows 10 Pro, Support for Windows 10 operating systems and how we are extending support via Windows 10 IoT.

What the difference is between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 IoT.

How do I pair a remote power button to a Grid Pad 12 or 15?

The remote power button shipped with your Grid Pad 12 or 15 device will allow you to turn the device on and off, as well as wake the device from sleep. The power button will be paired to the device from Smartbox however, any additional power buttons will need to be paired separately.

Device information and specification

Port and button diagrams, device specification and what is included with the Grid Pad 12

Grid Pad setup

Your Grid Pad can be supplied in for Communication only or Unlocked. Find out what this means and how you can change your setup.

Power and charging

How to power on the Grid Pad 12 and how to charge it when the battery is low.

Using the Remote Power Button

How to connect switches, pair and change the batteries of the Remote Power button for the Grid Pad 12 and 15

Positioning and mounting your Grid Pad

How to place the Grid Pad 12 and 15 on a flat surface, use the stand or use the mounting plate.

Attaching the Grid Pad 12 and 15 eye gaze camera unit

How to attach and remove the eye gaze camera unit to your Grid Pad 12 and 15

Setting up your Grid Pad for eye gaze access

How to position and calibrate your Grid Pad with eye gaze.

Environment Control Transmitters

Where to find the environment control transmitters on your Grid Pad 12 and 15 and how to change the radio transmitter

Cleaning and storing your Grid Pad

How to clean and store your Grid Pad after use

How do I change the stand on a Grid Pad 12 or 15?

The adjustable stand on the back of the Grid Pad 12 and 15 will need to be swapped out for a longer version if you are using an eye gaze enclosure to ensure the device is stable when stood on a table or other flat surface