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Why is Windows Update KB5034441 failing to install with error 0x80070643?

Details about the Windows Update KB5034441 failing to install.

How do I resolve my Grid Pad not charging?

If you notice that one of your batteries in your Grid Pad 10s, 12 or 15 device doesn't charge to 100%, you may need to recalibrate them.

How do I change the radio transmitter in a Grid Pad 12 and 15?

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Both Grid Pad 12 and Grid Pad 15 devices are supplied with either an ELDAT EasyWave or Z-Wave transmitter. The transmitter can be swapped out for a different USB transmitter if required.

How do I attach a second screen accessory to a Grid Pad 12?

The second screen for the Grid Pad 12 is a separate detachable accessory. The second screen accessory is designed to attach to the top of the Grid Pad 12 device.