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How do I configure pointers in The Grid 2?

A pointer includes any computer input device that moves the mouse pointer on the screen, such as a conventional mouse, trackball, touch screen, head pointer, or joystick. 

To find the pointer settings, choose Input Settings – Pointer in the User Settings window. 

The User Settings window can be accessed at any time while running The Grid 2. From the Grid Explorer, select a user and the chosen User Settings from the options on the left, or from within a grid set select Edit – User Settings from the menu. 

The Grid 2 option to enable pointer

Ensure that Enable Pointer Input is ticked, and then select the Settings page. If you select the type of pointer that you are configuring (mouse, touch screen, or head pointer), The Grid 2 will only display the most relevant settings. You can also choose All settings to see all the options. 

The pointer settings

Here are a few key options: 

  • Selection method: cells are selected with a click, by holding the mouse button down, or by resting the pointer over the cell. This last option is called a dwell click and does not require the user to press a mouse button. 
  • Highlight style and colour: options for the visual indication that a cell is highlighted. 
  • Dwell click on other programs: allows the dwell click method to be used with the Computer Control workspace. 
  • Keyguard: specify a fixed grid size for use with a physical keyguard. 

Last Revision: 26.10.2021