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Positioning and mounting your Grid Pad

Adjustable stand

Your Grid Pad has an adjustable stand that can be folded out, to position your device on a desk or table comfortably.

diagram of Grid Pad 12 from the side showing three stand positions

Pull the stand from the bottom and adjust the angle to suit you. When finished, simply push the stand back in.

Using a desk, floor, or wheelchair mount

Your Grid Pad is supplied with a combined Daessy and Rehadapt mounting plate, so that you can securely mount and position your device.

Grid Pad mounting plate

Removing the mounting plate

To remove the mounting plate, lay your Grid Pad with the screen facing down on a flat surface. To prevent damage to the screen, place the device on something soft like a towel, cloth or newspaper. Use the supplied screwdriver to remove the four screws that secure the mounting plate to your Grid Pad.

Diagram showing how screws fit to the mounting plate

Mounting your Grid Pad on a desk or floor stand

With the correct mounting plate attached, you can fit the Grid Pad to your wheelchair mount, floor stand or desk stand. As you attach the device to the stand, be sure to hold the Grid Pad securely until the head of the stand is firmly docked with the mounting plate.

Grid Pad 12 mounted on a desk stand

For further instructions on positioning see the documentation provided with your stand.

Last Revision: 05.08.2022