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How do I make a photo album grid in The Grid 2?

You can set up a photo album grid in the The Grid 2. It uses a mixture of word list cells and screen captures to show your picture files. These pictures can be pictures you have taken yourself or pictures from the internet. 

Step 1: Make a new grid 

  1. Open your chosen user, browse to Edit in the menu bar and select Editing Mode 
The edit menu.
  1. Select any empty cell to use as a jump to your photo album. 
Selecting an empty cell in Edit Mode.
  1. Select Create a jump cell from the Cell Options (on the left). 
The Cell Options menu.
  1. Select New Grid, give your grid a name and select OK 
Creating a new grid.
Naming the photo album grid.
  1. Select the new grid and press Open
The Grid 2 grid browser
  1. Press the red Stop editing button on the task bar and save all changes. 
The Stop editing button.

You can now select the new cell to jump to the new grid we made. 

Step 2: Set up the photo grid 

  1. Enter Editing Mode, select an empty cell and using the squares on each side, resize the cell until it covers most of the grid. 
An empty grid.
Making one large cell in the middle of the grid.
  1. Select Auto content – Word List from the Cell Options on the left hand side. 
The Cell Options menu.
Types of auto content cell.
  1. Select another cell and select Edit cell from the Cell Options
The Cell options menu.
  1. Select add a command, and search for More Auto content in the window that appears. 
Adding commands to a cell.
  1. Select the More auto content cells command from the list and press OK
The More Auto content cell command.
  1. Select Ok again from the Edit Cell window and then exit Editing Mode
An example cell with the More auto content cells command.

The large cell will be where the pictures are displayed. The More auto content cells button will allow you to scroll through your photos.  

Step 3: Add some pictures 

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, select Auto content – Word list for this grid. 
The auto content menu.
  1. Select Add New Word
The Word List editor window.
  1. Enter a description of the photo that you are going to add and press Change Picture 
Adding a word to the word list.
  1. Select Screen Capture
Selecting a picture for the new word.

The Grid 2 will disappear, and you will only have the Capture Picture window on the screen. Move this window to one side, and find the picture that you wish to use. It could be on a digital camera or from the Internet, but you should arrange that it is showing at about the size you want it to display in The Grid 2. Once you have got your photo on the screen: 

Note: if your picture is already saved on your device, you can select Browse for File to add your saved picture, without needing to use the screen capture steps below. 

  1. Select Capture
The Grid 2 screen capture window.
  1. Select and drag the mouse to draw a box around the picture. 
  1. Select Ok
An example of a screen captured picture.

Last Revision: 25.10.2021