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How do I install The Grid 2?

Installing from the Smartbox website 

The installer for The Grid 2 ( UK) is available for download from the Smartbox website here: Smartbox Downloads. You can also access installers for other languages from here:

Once the installer for the relevant language has been downloaded, run the installer and select Next when prompted. 

The Grid 2 installer.

You will be prompted to select your installation options: 

  • Most common options – will install the default voices, symbols and grid sets for your chosen language 
  • All options – will install all voices, symbols and grid sets for your chosen language. Note: some of these voices, symbols and grid sets may require an additional licence key 
  • Custom – will allow you to select which symbols, grid sets and voices you would like to install. 

Once you have selected your installation options, select Install and the installation process will begin. Once the installation is complete, The Grid 2 will be available on your device. 

Installing from a USB memory stick/Using the .iso file 

In some cases, you may not have an internet connection to use the online installer on your device, or the network you are using may have a firewall or proxy setting restricting your access (common in schools and other businesses). For these instances, we have an offline .iso installer available for download from our website, this can be copied to a USB stick, and used offline. 

  1. Download the relevant The Grid 2 .iso file from the link here: Smartbox iso downloads
  1. Once the file has downloaded, right click the file in your Downloads folder and select Mount. 

Tip: you can right click using a touch screen, by pressing and holding until a square appears. 

Mounting the .iso file.

You will be taken to a new folder in your File Explorer, with The Grid 2 installation files listed. You can either run setup.exe to start The Grid 2 installation, or copy these files to a USB memory stick to use them later.  

Note: the files must be saved to the root of the USB memory stick, do not place them inside another folder or the installation will not complete successfully. 

Your Software Evaluation 

You can evaluate a complete working version of The Grid 2 for 60 days. Your evaluation period starts when you install the software onto your computer, and you can use all the features of the software during this trial. 

Once the evaluation period has expired, you must activate a licence to continue using the software. Some parts of the software, such as additional symbol libraries, voices or grid sets, require further licences which can be purchased separately. 

Licensing The Grid 2 

When you are ready to license The Grid 2, or a symbol library, voice or grid set, run Licence Manager from the Windows Start menu.

Last Revision: 25.10.2021