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How do I change the stand on a Grid Pad 12 or 15?

The adjustable stand on the back of the Grid Pad 12 and 15 will need to be swapped out for a longer version if you are using an eye gaze enclosure to ensure the device is stable when stood on a table or other flat surface. You will need: a Phillips screwdriver (supplied with our camera enclosure kits) and a long/short stand.

We have a video tutorial here that shows you how to change the stand on a Grid Pad device, if you would rather use written instructions, please scroll down.

1. Place the device screen side down on a soft surface.

2. Position the stand at a 45 degree angle.

3. Unscrew the 4 screws from the hinges of the stand.

4. Remove the caps from the hinges.

5. Carefully slide the stand out from under the hinges.

6. Slowly insert the replacement stand into the hinges.

7. Reattach the caps using the screws removed earlier.

8. Slowly move the stand to ensure it is fitted correctly.

Last Revision: 30.06.2022