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How do I add and remove rows & columns in The Grid 2?

The layout of your grid set can be changed at any time. You can add rows or columns to give you extra room on a grid, or remove rows and columns that you do not use.

You will need to be in Edit Mode to change the layout of your grid, you can enter Edit Mode by selecting Edit from the menu bar at the top of The Grid 2, and pressing Editing Mode or by pressing F11 on a connected keyboard.

The Editing Mode button in the Edit menu.

At the top of each column, and to the left of each row there is a triangular marker. These provide options for editing the rows and columns in the grid. 

When you press on one of these markers, you are provided with options to insert a new row or column to either side, or to delete the selected row or column. 

The add new column options found by selecting the triangle.

Alternatively, you can add several rows or columns at a time using the mouse:

  1. Select Add/delete a row or Add/delete a column from the Grid Options on the left. 
The Grid Options in Edit Mode.

2. Press between cells to insert a new row or column. The cursor will turn blue.  The blue highlight means that new cells will be inserted. 

Adding a row to a grid set.

3. Press in the middle of a cell to delete a row or column. The cursor will turn red. A red highlight means that cells will be deleted. 

Deleting a row in a grid set.

Once you are finished editing the grid layout, select Stop adding/deleting from the Grid Options on the left hand side to return to Edit mode.

The Grid options to stop adding/deleting rows and columns.

Last Revision: 05.05.2022