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First Words

First Words – Activities

There is no specific order to introduce these sets of words. Use whichever motivates the person you are working with.

Monitoring Progress in First Words

The worksheets included are designed to record and monitor progress.

Access in First Words

The First Words activity sets can be accessed using all the alternative access options available in Grid 3.

How to use First Words

Supporting adults should always presume competence and react as if every selection from the individual is intentional, even at the early stages of using the resource.

How to use First Words

During each activity children using First Words are assisted by Amigo, the animated robot.

Who is First Words for?

First Words is a resource that is useful to any child showing signs that they are ready to move on from cause and effect and choice-making activities to the early stages of communication.

About First Words

Each motivating collection of no-fail activities helps children progress towards using augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).

Introducing First Words

First Words is a fun and interactive learning tool included with Grid 3.