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Bumps, knocks, drops and spills, sometimes your Smartbox device may need our help to keep you talking.

From arranging a repair, collection and providing swap out devices, our expert repair team are here to help.

To arrange a repair for your Smartbox device, follow the instructions below, and remember, you can always get in touch with us if you have any queries.

How Smartbox repairs work

Prior to filling in the Repair form below, make contact with the Support team to enable them to provide remote assistance in evaluating any potential issues.

For simple problems, like a faulty charger, we can normally send a replacement.

What to send back

Please include all items related to the problem. For any charging problems, or if the device will not switch on, make sure that you return the charger!

How can I help the repair process?

Include the serial number or the original invoice number on the form. Describe the problem clearly, and how to demonstrate the problem, especially for intermittent faults.

Paying for the repair

There will be no charge for devices covered by SmartCare or non-accidental faults within the warranty period.

If the repair is not authorised, the device will be disposed of or returned to you at a cost.

For out of warranty repairs, a quotation for the repair cost will be emailed to you. Payment or a Purchase Order is required before the repaired device will be returned.

Speak to us

Email Or ring 01684 578868, choosing the option for Repairs.