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Switch not working with Grid 3

There could be a number of reasons why a switch isn’t working in Grid 3. We have outlined some of the possibilities below. 

Check that your switches are showing up in Grid 3 

In Grid 3, browse to the menu bar (three lines, top left corner) and select Settings – Access – Switches – Connection.

The switch access settings window


Depending on how your switches are connected, a different connection type is required. For Grid Pad devices – this needs to be set to Joystick/Game Controller or Grid Pad Switches. If you are using a third party switch interface or adaptor, refer to the manufacturer’s documentation, or contact Smartbox Support for more details.  

 Once the correct connection type has been set, when you press your switch, one of the switches should turn green to show that it has registered the press. 

Grid's switch connection settings showing a press detected

 If there are no switches available like the image below or the switch does not show a green light when pressed, the problem exists outside of Grid 3 and you will need to follow the next steps to identify the issue. 

Grid's switch access settings with no switches detected

Select the Game controllers button, this will open up the window below. It may appear behind Grid 3, requiring Grid 3 to be minimised. 

The Windows Game Controller settings.

Checking the switch is connected to Windows

If it doesn’t show a game controller, close Grid 3 and right click (press and hold on the touch screen) the Windows start menu icon (four squares in the corner) and select Device Manager. Once opened, check under Universal Serial Bus controllers for a USB Serial Port or USB Serial Device and check that there are no errors (little yellow and black exclamation mark signs) on any of the USB devices plugged in. 

Looking at the Universal Serial Bus controllers category in Device Manager.

If errors do appear, right click (long hold on the touch screen) on the entry with the error and select Disable. This will temporarily disable the device. Leave it disabled for a few seconds and then right click again and select Enable. This will refresh the device driver and may remove the error. 

It’s also beneficial to unplug switches, restart your device and plug switches back into the device back box to check if this prompts the device to recognize your switches again.  

For third party switch connections – contact Smartbox Support or refer back to the manufacturer’s support documentation.  

Last Revision: 14.01.2022