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How can I restore an older version of a grid set from Dropbox?

How to restore a grid set to an older version using Dropbox.

Why is the Grid 3 keyboard icon not working?

How to troubleshoot Grid's touch keyboard shortcut not working.

My Grid 3 browser is not working for Netflix, Spotify and Disney+, what can I do?

There is a current known issue with Grid 3's web browser when trying to use Netflix and Disney+ suggesting the browser is not secure. We are working on a permanent fix but this means you will not be able to access this content via our grid sets. There are two workarounds available.

Why is my infrared device not working with Lumin-i?

What to do if infrared devices aren't working correctly when using the Lumin-i eye tracker

Why is Grid 3 showing a .NET error on startup?

What to do if you see a .NET error after updating to Grid 3 v83 or later.

Troubleshooting IR remotes in Grid 3

There are a variety of reasons why an IR remote will not pair with Grid 3. Most of these are due to the remote itself or the environment you are in.

How do I submit a diagnostic log for Grid 3?

If you are experiencing issues with our software, including Grid 3, our support team may want to see the software log files. These files are automatically generated by our software and detail any issues that the program may be running into.

Unable to access a free trial of a licenced grid set in Grid 3

Some grid sets require an additional licence purchase (e.g. PODD) and are available as a 60 day free trial in Grid 3. Once added, you may see an error suggesting your licence is not activated. This can be solved by running Licence Manager.

Why do I have no sound in Grid 3?

No sound in Grid 3 can be caused by incorrectly configured speakers, Windows Updates or incorrect Grid 3 settings.

Smartbox Update failing due to Grid 3 being open

The Smartbox Update program requires all Smartbox programs to be closed whilst the update is performed, including Grid 3. Grid 3 uses several additional processes to work correctly. In some cases, these processes may stay open even after Grid 3 is closed and can block the update from finishing successfully.  

Switch not working with Grid 3

Switches in Grid 3 can use different connection methods. If your switches are not working, you may need to check which connection Grid 3 is looking for and which connection type your switches use.

How do I stop Grid 3 loading with Windows once my trial has expired?

If you have set Grid 3 to load with Windows during your free trial, this setting cannot be changed once your trial expires. This is because you no longer have access to the Grid 3 Settings.

Why do I not have all permissions when pairing my phone with Grid 3?

After connecting your phone with Grid 3, you may see a message that Grid 3 does not have certain permissions from your phone and can not access all the information it needs. You may need to allow additional permissions on the phone or the phone may need to be reconnected with Grid 3.

Why is my Grid 3 running slowly?

If you have experienced Grid 3 running slower than usual, even though your device meets the minimum specifications; it may be due to your power plan or other applications using your device’s resources. It could also be a result of your grid set being too large. 

Why does Grid 3 fail to load with Windows?

Grid 3 can be allowed to start with Windows, but depending on your settings, it may not always do so. Both Grid 3 and Windows have their own settings for start up and these can conflict with each other.

Why is my touch screen unresponsive in Grid 3?

The prevent repeat activation setting in Grid 3 can make your touch screen seem slow to respond.

Grid 3 not playing music files

Grid 3 requires Windows Media Player to be installed and started at least once to play music files. If Windows Media Player is missing, or has not been started, Grid 3 will not detect or play any music files.

Grid 3 web browser not loading websites or appears black?

The Grid 3 web browser’s security settings can block content from specific websites. This can lead to the web browser appearing black.

Troubleshooting eye tracking difficulties

Tips for how to troubleshoot issues with positioning and accuracy with eye gaze usage in Grid

Where can I find the MyGaze EyeMouse Play software?

Where to get the EyeMouse Play software for the discontinued MyGaze 2 eye trackers