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Smartbox Update failing due to Grid 3 being open

The Smartbox Update program requires all Smartbox programs to be closed whilst the update is performed, including Grid 3. 

Grid 3 uses several additional processes to work correctly. In some cases, these processes may stay open even after Grid 3 is closed and can block the update from finishing successfully.  

In this situation you may receive an error message like this:  

An example Smartbox Update error message.

Closing the open processes  

Right-click (press and hold the touch screen) the Windows start menu icon and select Task Manager from the list that appears.  

Task Manager in the expanded options found by right clicking the start menu icon.

Once Task Manager is open, ensure the arrow in the bottom left corner says Fewer Details. If it says More Details, click the arrow.  

Task Manager in the More Details expanded view.

Inside the Background Processes section – you may find the following programs:  

  • Application Watchdog (32 Bit)   
Application Watchdog in Task Manager
  • Licence Manager Server (32 Bit)  
Licence Manager Server in Task Manager

These programs are preventing the Smartbox Update from finishing. One at a time, highlight the programs above and select End Task in the bottom right corner.  

Using End Task to close Application Watchdog.

Once both programs no longer show in the list of Background Processes – close Task Manager and press Retry on the Smartbox Update.  

The Retry button on the error message.

The update will now continue and complete as normal. 

If after ending both tasks in Task Manager, the update still does not continue; check that all Smartbox programs are closed (including Look to Learn etc.). If the issue persists, restart the PC to close all open programs and attempt the update again.  

Last Revision: 14.01.2022