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Troubleshooting IR remotes in Grid 3

If you are having trouble recording and using an IR remote with your device you can follow the following guide. 

The most common reasons for IR transmission to record incorrectly are: 

  • Old batteries in the remote (always record codes with new batteries) 
  • Recording environment (other infrared sources can interfere and cause issues – i.e. the sun, fluorescent lights, plasma TVs) Remote doesn’t send IR (some remotes use RF or Bluetooth connection, you can check my using a phone camera to see if the end of the remote lights up when a button is pressed) 
  • Remote uses toggle bit (alternate) coding. Some remotes, use 2 or more codes behind the same button – so pushing the down arrow on a remote does not send the same code each time – so the code only works sometimes.  
  • Frequency to be recorded is outside standard IR specification – typically equipment from Bang & Olufsen, Vidikron & Linn do not use standard IR. 
  • Receiver on device being operated is very directional – if the code is not transmitted directly in “line of sight” to the receiver the operation fails. 
  • Code being transmitted is being overpowered by other source – i.e. receiver on device in direct sunlight Code is extremely short and does not repeat when held so signal is not being captured correctly – try pressing button repeatedly and rapidly during capture. 
  • Code is being captured multiple times – very quickly press (tap) button once (do not hold) repeat for recording process. 

If you need further assistance, contact Smartbox Support.

Last Revision: 23.09.2022