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How do I set up and test switches on Talk Pad 2nd Gen?

Switch access with a Talk Pad 2nd Gen makes use of the iOS Switch Control Accessibility settings. Full instructions to configure Switch Control can be found here:

When you first connect a switch into the Talk Pad, iOS should show a prompt about Switch Control. Select OK to enable Switch Control.

If the prompt did not appear, or you hit Cancel, you can add the Talk Pad switches directly through iOS Settings. The switches must be added as an External source. See the link above for instructions.

Testing switches

The Talk Pad has a few ways to check that the switches are detected and working:

  • When you connect or disconnect a switch jack into the ports, the Talk Pad will play a chime. A rising tone plays for connection, a descending tone for a disconnection.
  • When a switch is connected, activating the switch will turn on the light beside that port. The light remains on whilst the switch is active and turns off when the switch is released.
the Talk Pad Gen 2 S1 switch LED lit up

Last Revision: 08.11.2023