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How do I attach the strap to the Talk Pad 2nd Gen?

The Talk Pad 2nd Gen is supplied with a strap, however the strap is not attached as standard. The strap needs to be attached to the holes on the bottom of the AAC Case. Tools are not required, but a small screwdriver can make this easier.

1) Remove the iPad from the AAC case.

2) Place the AAC case screen side down on a soft surface.

The empty strap holes on the side of the AAC case.

3) Locate the holes in the bottom left or bottom right of the case and slowly thread through the end of the strap through the bottom hole.

Pushing the strap through the bottom hole on the AAC case

4) Turn the case over and thread the strap through the other hole from the inside of the case.

5) Unclip the strap fastener and loop the end of the strap over it. Pull the strap tight to secure it to the device.

6) Repeat for the other side to attach both ends of the strap.

Last Revision: 08.11.2023